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   Chapter 508 Meet Again

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Sitting in the car in a daze, Hester's head fell uncontrollably. She was so sleepy that she couldn't skip the opportunity.

Austin turned his head and glanced at the sleepy Hester, sighing helplessly. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her and said slowly, "If you are sleepy, you can have a rest first! I'll wake you up when we get there!"

With a sudden inspiration, Hester immediately forced herself to cheer up. She sat up straight and turned her head, looking at Austin with a confused expression.

She couldn't sleep now. Her stomach was empty. If she slept, it would be difficult to wake up. At that time, she would have a stomachache.

She had been in poor health since she was sent to the hospital because of gastrorrhagia three years ago. The trial was about to begin, so she had to take good care of herself to avoid other problems.

"No way! I can't sleep. I can only sleep after dinner!"

Hearing Hester's determined tone, Austin couldn't help laughing. She must have been muddled in the past two days. It was too late for her to rest after dinner.

"What happened to you in these two days?"

Being exposed, Hester's face was burning. She lowered her head listlessly and felt a lingering fear. Austin would bring food here when she was busy with her work, so she didn't worry about it.

She didn't expect that there would be an exception this time. If she didn't see him, it was easy to ignore time.

"I... Had a good meal."

Obviously, she didn't have enough confidence. Even she could hardly believe what she said. Her eyes wandered as she looked at the retreating scenery, hoping that this topic could be quickly skipped, so she didn't have to be so embarrassed.

Glancing at Hester's embarrassment, Austin smiled and stopped forcing her. He looked straight ahead and focused on driving.

If it went on like this, he was afraid that he would be worried about her if he was not by her side for a moment. As long as everything

If her child was not dead, it should be like him!

"How about the barbecue?"

Austin's thick and slender eyelashes trembled slightly, and he inadvertently caught a glimpse of a barbecue shop. He turned the steering wheel and asked in a low voice.

Hester nodded absentmindedly, not knowing what he had said at all.


After the car stopped, she unfastened the seat belt and got off. She looked up at the barbecue shop and felt more and more depressed. She lowered her head and sat down quietly behind Austin.

"What do you want to eat?"

As soon as his gentle voice fell, a menu was placed in front of her. Just like the simple menu before, there was a variety of delicious food.

A hint of darkness flashed in Hester's eyes. Her fingertips scratched the edge and opened the menu. She recalled that she had been here with Terence when they were at school.

At that time, he was not that cold and sarcastic. Sometimes she would act like a spoiled child. When she passed by this barbecue shop, she had to eat in a loud voice for some unknown reason.

Terence was wearing a large school uniform, but his noble temperament could not be concealed. The young man frowned slightly. After thinking for a moment, he was defeated by the girl's expectant eyes and nodded slightly.


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