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   Chapter 507 Hard Work

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Sophia looked at Hester, tears streaming down her face. After two seconds of silence, she came to her senses and stood up from the ground.

Sophia held her arms tightly, as if she was holding onto a life-saving straw when she was on the verge of life, reluctant to let it go. She put all her hopes on Hester as her faith.

"Lawyer Hester, please save my son. We have no choice now. If he is really sentenced, it will really kill me."

Seeing Sophia's pale and fragile face, Hester was touched. The reason why she chose to be a lawyer was that she wanted to help more people.

Since she took over the case, she would not give up easily. When a person committed a crime, he or she couldn't be absolutely safe. There must be some details that she had ignored. As long as she was careful enough, she would always find some clues.

"Auntie, don't worry. I will try my best."

After coming out of the police station, Hester plunged into the procuratorate and carefully looked through the information. Sophia was a mother who had suffered a lot. She must help her get rid of pain.

Hester sat down with a stack of documents in her arms, a pen in mouth, and her long waist length hair simply tied behind her head. She didn't wear as much clothes as going out. A pure black casual suit set off her slender figure.

The cleaner of the procuratorate looked at Hester with a mop in her hand and couldn't help untying it. She could see all kinds of people here every day. There were many people who were working hard, but very few people could be like this. Hester was simply fighting desperately.

"Lawyer Hester, you have been here for two days. You'd better go back and have a rest!"

With a thick legal dictionary in her hand, Hester raised her eyes and nodded to show her appreciation with a smile. A pair of black framed glasses on the bridge of her nose covered most of her face, but she looked very gentle.

"I don't know much about the domestic laws. The trial is about to begin, so I have to try my best to make up for it. Otherwise

relaxed, she would be sleepy quickly.

Her stomach growled and touched her belly shyly. The feeling of empty made her dizzy.

"The trial is about to begin. I have to prepare a lot of things, so I forgot the time."

Austin snorted and looked at Hester with mixed feelings. Not only did she need to prepare a lot of things, she clearly needed to completely overthrow the way of thinking she had formed before.

And most importantly, she had to be familiar with the domestic law in a short time and memorize the terms!

"You know you're not in good health, but you still don't care about yourself. How can I rest assured?"

For Austin's attitude, the only thing Hester could do was to giggle. Anyway, she was just a child in front of him. It was not too strange for her to do something.

"I will correct it next time!"

Taking a faint glance at the person who was confident, Austin walked past Hester and headed for the car first. Such a promise had been heard more than a hundred times in the past three years, and he was immune to it.

Looking at Austin's straight back, Hester covered her mouth and yawned. She hurriedly trotted to follow him, smiling happily.

At the same time, she breathed a sigh of relief. Just now, she almost blurted out, "I'm not afraid as long as you are here!" If she really said it, the two would be very embarrassed!

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