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   Chapter 506 A Difficult Problem

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Jackson glanced at the man with disdain, tapping his fingertips gently on the sofa. His enchanting face was hidden in the dark, which was hard to see clearly.

"No matter how powerful she is, she is just a woman. Are you afraid of losing your business in recent years?"

It was not a good thing to be disliked by his boss. A hint of cruelty flashed through the man's eyes. He clenched his fists but agreed with him.

April Tong had only received several big cases. If she really wanted to defeat him, it was not enough. Anyway, he had been in the underworld for many years. Even if he had retired, his hands had been stained with blood.

"You are right, Mr. Jackson. I was too reckless."

His long and thick eyelashes drooped slightly, casting a shadow at the corners of his eyes. He was hiding in the dark and nobody see his expression clearly.

Jackson's body was slightly tensed. When he heard the word "Tong" just now, his heart trembled uncontrollably. His eyes sparkled and he couldn't help but think of that woman.

"How is everything going in America?"

"Everything goes well, Mr. Jackson. Please rest assured!"

The tall man nodded respectfully and answered his question carefully. He was just an orphan, wandering on the street, and later raised by the Gu family, so he was naturally very grateful.

"I hope to focus on our country again. The opportunity of Gu family's clarification is rare. We must be helped abroad!"

Jackson narrowed his eyes, and his expression was self-evident. He still remembered what happened three years ago. Even if Hester had not been good under his imprisonment, she was still safe.

He had just left for a period of time, but there had been tremendous changes. Naturally, he could not accept it.

"Please don't worry. I will coordinate with everyone in advance and cooperate with you with all my strength!" The man promised confidently and sincerely.

However, on the ot

ll knew what the situation was now.

She became more and more uneasy. Looking at Hester's serious face, she flopped down on the ground and pulled her trousers with both hands.

"Lawyer Hester, please save my son! He is definitely wronged! Of course I know my own son's temper. No matter how impulsive he was, he would never do that!

It's obvious that someone framed him up and wanted him to take the blame!"

"Mom, don't be like this!" Seeing his mother lower her anger for many times, Kai felt very sad. His mother had worked hard to raise him, but he still made her so worried when he grew up.

Blue veins stood out on his arms. He struggled hard for a while, but he couldn't help his mother up. He could only nod his head with a depressed look.

The moment Sophia knelt down, Hester hurriedly bent down to help her up, but she stubbornly knelt there, looking at her with hope, hoping that Hester could save her son.

"Auntie, please don't be like this. I will try my best to defend your son. I'm younger than you. Isn't this a shame for me?"

She could understand why parents were so pitiful. But it was really stressful to be knelt down by an elder.

"Although the evidence is not good for us, I will still try my best. Don't worry, I will go all out to defend Kai."

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