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   Chapter 498 Madness

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Terence raised his eyebrows and smiled. In the end, Terence didn't say anything, just letting Thomas domineering criticism go.

"I don't know what kind of plan you have taken, but the final result is here. Do you think you are capable enough?

It's not one or two days that Auntie Melody was like this. Why don't you adjust the plan? Isn't it your responsibility? "

Thomas looked at the principal seriously. The frightening aura around Thomas' little body lit up everyone present.

Thomas didn't have a deep impression of Melody, and no one had ever told him about her. But he knew clearly that Melody was his father's nominal wife. There was also an abandoned baby room that had been locked for a long time and no one was allowed to enter.

Thomas didn't know Melody's past, nor did he know what her existence meant. But in his opinion, even if he was unable to find out the truth now, he would find the answer by himself in the future.

So before that, he would never allow any accident to happen to her.

The dean's eyes flashed a trace of cruelty. He stood respectfully, listened carefully to Thomas's words, and clenched his fists. Being humiliated by a three year old boy like this made him very restless.

However, behind the little boy was Terence. No matter how angry he was, he would chew it into his stomach and dare not complain at all.

"It's our fault. We will take all the responsibility."

"My child! My child! Give my child back to me!"

Melody, who had been very quiet before, suddenly screamed in panic. The pillow in her arms had disappeared and fell to the ground, lonely and miserable.

"No, where is my baby? Who has seen my child? Where is he? "

Melody ran back and forth in the room anxiously, as if she was a lunatic. She kicked the pillow by accident, which attracted her attention. She looked down at the ground, and her face became ferocious i

eel. He closed his eyes and breathed heavily, as if his chest was weighed a thousand pounds.

Thomas looked at his father worriedly, with his hands tightly intertwined. Thomas had never seen his father so emotional, and was caught off guard for a moment.

"Dad, what's wrong with you? Are you okay?"

Terence's face was pale, and the scene just now kept repeating in his mind. Like a devil, he was deeply trapped in it.

impossible! She was dead, and that person must not be her. In the past three years, Terence had seen too many people like her, but they were not her.

Terence knew clearly that he was in a kind of unbearable pain, and the more he sank, the less strength he had to struggle. The more he wanted to forget her, the more deeply imprinted she was in his heart, which could not be erased.

Shocked by the shocking scene just now, he was trembling. Terence sat in the car with cold hands and feet, and his body was extremely stiff.

It took him a long time to calm down before he plucked up his courage and looked back. However, there was no trace at all. Terence looked back and forth at the place just now, unwilling to let go of any clues.

"Terence, what on earth are you expecting? Will she really suddenly appear like Austin? "

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