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Terence staggered, and the little man in front of him coincided with a scene in his memory. Terence still remembered that Hester had looked at him like this when she first arrived at Qi family.

At that time, he had been attracted by her, but later because of his dignity, he stifled this love in the bottom of his heart. It would make people sad if the past was exposed.

The sadness far exceeded the maximum Terence could bear, and his heart was burning fiercely. It turned out that she had quietly occupied the most important position in his heart.

"Dad, what's wrong with you?"

Thomas held Terence's big hand tightly to comfort him silently. Although he didn't know why his father suddenly lost the balance, he subconsciously thought it was very important.

Getting rid of the painful memory, Terence lowered his head and looked at Thomas with a faint smile. Terence collapsed on the ground and held Thomas in his arms, greedily sucking the warmth from Thomas.

"I'm fine. I just feel a little tired. I'll be fine after taking a rest."

Sheryl frowned slightly and looked at the father and son who were hugging tightly. She sighed helplessly, turned around and left.

Thomas patted his father's back gently and lowered his voice as much as possible when Aunt Lisa coaxed him.

"Now that dad is tired, you can have a rest. I will be here with you."

Hearing his son's warm words, Terence's eyes turned red, as if something was about to burst into tears. Terence closed his eyes and forced the tears back.

In his dictionary, Terence never admits defeat. Even if he had fallen into Hester's trap, he would take it all.

Since he couldn't escape, he had to face the difficulties. It was enough to do something cowardly once. There would never be a second time.

"Why is Thomas here today?"

In the blink of an eye, Terence calmed down. He let go of Thomas and gently rubbed Thomas' soft hair, unwilling to let go.

Thomas was speechless with his father's evil

h a stack of documents in her hands, Sheryl stood not far away and looked at the crowd with a straight face. Her eyes swept over the crowd with coldness, making people feel numb on their backs.

For so many years, Sheryl had been working for Terence for the longest time. It was just because she had a clean conscience and didn't want to take a shortcut, and she didn't have much ambition.

"Go to work now. Do you want me to arrange you one by one?"

Her words echoed in the air, and everyone scattered like birds and beasts. The noisy office returned to peace in an instant. Everyone lowered their heads and was busy with the things in their hands, not as relaxed as before.

Thomas nodded slightly, looking like a gentleman. He was very grateful to Sheryl. If it weren't for her, he would have been pestered for a long time.

"Thank you, Auntie Sheryl!"

Sheryl looked at the little man in front of her with affection, and the corners of her eyes curved into a moon. "Go inside and wait for Dad! If these women keep harassing you, just tell your Dad to fire you. "

Nodding his head, Thomas was very happy to learn one move. The women around his father before were all from noble families. They were arrogant and could be killed with a few words. They were not like these, making people unable to deal with.

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