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   Chapter 495 Get Angry

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[Hester played with the straw in her hand and looked at Austin with distrust. Hester squeezed the straw a little hard.

How could he be fine? For the whole two hours, she had been worrying about him, fearing that something bad would happen to him. She wished she could rush to him right away and check it carefully before she could completely rest assured.

"Well, don't worry. I'm standing in front of you."

Austin raised his head and rubbed Hester's head. All her thoughts were shown on her face. How could Austin not know?

But Terence was a taboo, especially in front of her. How could Austin be so stupid to uncover that scar for someone he was afraid of?

Noticing that something was wrong, Leo pulled Austin to sit beside him and put his hand on Austin's shoulder as a good friend to ease the atmosphere.

"Austin, you don't know how I got through when you were two hours late. Hester urged me to make a phone call every minute. I was almost tortured to death in the whole two hours. "

Raising his eyes to take a glance at the exaggerating man, Austin nodded with a smile, hiding the light on his forehead. It had to be said that sometimes, Leo, was indeed useful.

If it weren't for Leo's banter, he wouldn't have been able to cross it perfectly.

"There are some problems with the luggage check-in, but they have been perfectly solved. Don't worry too much."

Looking at their tacit performance, Hester wanted to say something, but she swallowed it back.

She looked at the milk tea in her hand and lost her interest. "Was it because they hadn't seen each other for only five days that Brother Austin didn't tell the truth?" Hester thought.

Her heart was filled with disappointment, but she suddenly found that she had no position to criticize him angrily. She could act like a spoiled child in front of Austin and be taken care of by him, but she couldn't lose her temper at him unreasonably.

Perhaps she would have done that three years ago, but three years l

ather since Thomas was sensible. He had never lost his temper like today.

Staring at Thomas for a long time with complicated eyes, Terence took a deep breath to calm himself down, and his temples were beating faintly.

Terence regretted her uncontrollable behavior just now. Would he scare his son?

"All of you can go out. The meeting is suspended for an hour!"

Terence tried his best to control his voice so that no one could hear anything unusual. Terence stood still, his eyes never leaving Thomas, fearing that he would really frighten Thomas just now.

"Come here!"

Hearing his father's call, Thomas decisively shook off Sheryl's hand, and moved forward with his legs upside down. He stopped at a step away.


Thomas' clear voice called the most beautiful name in the world, like a spring water, nourishing people's heart and making things silent.

The tense look on Terence's face gradually softened, and the nervous hands of Terence were a little wet. Terence took a deep breath and decided not to lose his temper again. He didn't want to frighten the little boy in front of him.

"Why is Thomas here today?"

Frowning like a little adult, Thomas raised his head to cover between Terence's eyebrows and gently pressed it, trying to erase the wrinkles between his eyebrows.

"Dad, don't be angry!"

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