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   Chapter 494 Stalking

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Austin walked out of the airport, looked up at the sky and slowly exhaled a mouthful of stale air. He hailed a taxi and got in.

"Go to the nearest hospital!"

The driver was confused when he heard this. But when the driver thought that he was in the service industry, he didn't show any strange emotions.


After saying that, he started the engine straightforwardly. The car slowly slid out of the road near the airport, and his vision gradually became broad. Austin took out his phone from his pocket and turned on the camera. With his fingertips enlarged, his eyes flashed a trace of darkness.

Sure enough, Terence did it very quickly. Terence sent someone to watch him just after they separated. The efficiency was really pressing.

"Hey, you can take a detour later and stop at any hospital."

Since Terence wanted to play, he decided to play with him. As for Hester, he hadn't figured out a good excuse yet. Terence looked out of the window and fell into silence.

"Bro, why do I think he is playing with us?"

The man frowned and turned the steering wheel neatly, just following the taxi in front. The car had spared most of the city. Why hadn't he arrived at their destination yet?

The man in the back seat lay down leisurely, put his hand under his head and said with his eyes closed.

"Cut the crap and keep up with him. The higher ups want us to follow him. As for whether he is playing or not, we don't need to care. "

The car stopped at the gate of a hospital after running around A City. Austin took down his luggage, paid, turned around and walked into the hospital.

"Dr. Austin? Why are you back? " The head nurse was surprised to see [林阳], who she hadn't seen for three years. After all, it was rare to see a doctor with superb skills like him who was handsome!

Austin nodded slightly and smiled gently. He looked gentle and elegant without any arrogance. With good family education, Austin was always gentle to others, neither anxious no

at Hester, who was frowning, and sighed silently.

"If this trouble needs you to solve, it will really become a big trouble that can't be solved!" Leo thought.

Ten minutes later, Austin finally arrived at the appointed place. He wore a blue windbreaker, looking cool and handsome. With a suitcase in his hand, he walked slowly, as if he was walking out of a painting.


Leo raised his eyebrows in disdain. He was disgusted with Austin's flirtation. Leo couldn't help but wonder if his cousin, who had suffered a lot, would be happy if he could really help them?

Austin looked at the source of the voice subconsciously. When he met Hester's clear eyes, his heart trembled and he slowed down unconsciously. She was the only one left in his eyes.

Since the day she came back, his heart had left with her. Although they hadn't seen each other for only five days, it seemed as if they had been separated for a whole century.

Seeing that Austin was getting closer and closer, Hester pushed the milk tea in her hand to the side, frowned and asked worriedly.

"Brother Austin, what's wrong with you?"

Leo's eyes flashed with love, and he restrained his mind. Austin's lips were slightly raised, with a faint yearning and greed. He looked at her, almost falling into her eyes.

"It's okay. Don't worry!"

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