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   Chapter 493 Encounter

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Hester was stunned and looked at Leo in disbelief. What did she hear just now? Brother Austin would be here today. Would he come back?

"You mean Brother Austin got off the plane today?"

Raising his head to touch the back of his head, Leo reluctantly nodded. Leo's eyes wandered and avoided the bright eyes.

"Well, it's said that he will arrive today. He is going to give you a surprise. But there are some problems. Let's take a walk first and go to the airport later! "

At the international airport of A City, Austin crossed his hands in front of his knees, with a proper smile on his lips. Austin looked up at the man opposite him and felt a little nervous.

The original plan was to give Hester a surprise. But he would meet an unexpected guest.

"What do you want to talk about with me, Mr. Terence?"

Stirring the coffee in his hand, Terence hid his restless heart under his calm face. Three years ago, he was sad about Hester's death, but he ignored some important details.

With Austin's friendship with Hester, how could he deal with things so calmly and return the child intact? The problem Terence had ignored at that time, but when they met again, all became doubts.

"Is there anything important for Dr. Austin to come back?"

Austin raised his eyebrows, unable to figure out what Terence was thinking. Although this man had always been difficult to see through, three years later, Terence seemed to be more than enough.

"It's better to get straight to the point. I just came back today and haven't gotten over the jet lag. Now I'm a little sleepy, so I don't have much energy."

Then Austin covered his mouth and yawned, trying to prove his current state with his actions. Austin's palms were wet, eager to see Hester.

"Dr. Austin, why did you leave three years ago?"

Looking at Austin with his deep eyes, Terence said slowly. His face was extremely cold. If it weren't for Jackson making trouble in the fun

o face it, he would be kept in the dark for the rest of his life.

"I haven't heard of Dr. Austin for three years. Is there anything important that you come back today?"

Looking at Terence's calm face, Austin smiled. Austin put the phone on the table casually, feeling a little heavy in his heart.

The person Austin hated most was Terence, but his luck was so bad. Sure enough, he should not let Hester go back!

"I have explained that I left because I was sad after Hester left. And the reason why I came back today is that there is a patient who needs my treatment."

Austin's dark eyes twinkled with a faint light. Terence nodded and looked at the coffee on the table. No one knew what he was thinking about. Terence's slender fingers were holding a metal spoon, stirring it gently. The light fell from one side of his face, casting a shadow on it.

"Austin, I hope you can remember what you said today!"

Unwilling to be outdone, Austin met Terence's deep black eyes. His heart skipped a beat. A strong sense of suffocation almost exhausted him.

"If there is nothing else, I'll leave now, Mr. Terence."

Looking at Austin's receding figure, Terence put the spoon into the coffee cup casually and concealed the sadness in his eyes.

"Can you also suddenly appear like him?"

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