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   Chapter 490 Teach Her A Lesson

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Thomas looked up at his father and frowned. Although his father was acting to defend him, he liked to rely on himself.

"Although I don't know what kind of family education you have, I don't think a person who talks about others' pain is good in character, right?"

The woman's face darkened. She tightened her hands and felt a tingle on her back. Even without looking up, she knew clearly how people looked at her.

But as an adult, she would be more embarrassed if she really argued with a child. She was really embarrassed that she couldn't even speak out a child.

"Thomas! I didn't mean that. You have to believe me! Sister, I, just want to make fun of you because you are so cute. "

As the word "sister" came out of her mouth, she could almost hear herself slapping in the face. But since it was her who made the mistake, she must take good care of it. She couldn't hurt her whole family.

Thomas nodded like an adult to show that he understood. Thomas turned around and sat beside his father with the help of his father. The two were carved in the same style, which was amazing.

Thomas rubbed his chin, lost in thought.

"My father has said that it's difficult to raise a man and a woman in the world. Since I am a strong man, I can't be angry with a woman like you."

After saying this innocently, Thomas put his little hand on his father's arm and shook it slightly, acting like a spoiled child.

"Dad, I am a little hungry. Can you take me to eat something?"

Terence looked at his baby affectionately. His usual cold face was now filled with some smile. Terence raised his head, pinched his son's nose lovingly and picked him up.


The two of them passed by the woman, left without looking sideways and walked to the table. All around them gasped in astonishment.

"Did I see Mr. Terence smile?"

"After three years, I finally saw him smile agai

that Cherry has been losing her temper with you recently. If I send you something, she must be very happy!"

Being seized as a weakness, Aron raised the white flag and surrendered. He couldn't make use of this to a single person. Terence's only weakness was his son. It was good enough not to be tricked by the little guy.

"What on earth do you want me to do?"

For Aron's capricious character, Thomas showed disdain. Thomas looked away disdainfully and lowered his head to fill his stomach.

"Uncle Aron is so unprincipled. I will not communicate with him in depth in the future."

When Terence was about to speak, he saw Thomas's face full of disappointment. Terence smiled unkindly and nodded in agreement.

It seemed that Thomas had thought of something. He raised his head and looked at Aron with his big eyes.

"Although Uncle Aron is very disdainful, there are still some points worth mentioning. After all, my experience is limited. I have to carry a mobile dictionary with me! "

Hearing Thomas's serious words, Aron had an impulse to go crazy. What did he do in his previous life? Why did he meet such two weird men and torture him all the time?

"Your son's sharp tongue is becoming more and more superb. I'm willing to give in!"

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