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   Chapter 483 Preparations

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Hester stood at the door of Austin's room and wanted to knock, but she was hesitant. She was in a dilemma and didn't know what to do.

She hadn't seen Austin for three days since they parted in discord in the hospital that day. Every morning, the breakfast would be put on the table on time, but the man was not there.

Three years, not long or short, was enough to form a habit for people. In just three days, she seemed to feel that something was missing in her life.

"Brother Austin, are you there?"

She plucked up her courage and knocked on his door. She swallowed nervously and asked in a low voice.

Sitting in front of the window, Austin moved his fingers slightly and turned to look at the door in a daze. The book on his knees hadn't turned a page for a long time. The wind blew away his hair and covered his eyes.

He had already sensed it when Hester was standing at the door. But he hadn't figured out how to face her since they parted in discord that day.

Waiting for a long time without any response, Hester pouted and lowered her head dejectedly. She held the handrail tightly and refused to leave.

She knew that Austin must be inside. Today was Sunday, and he deliberately changed the rest time to accompany her.

"Brother Austin, are you still mad at me?"

There was a slight tremble in her low voice. Austin tightened his hand. After thinking for a long time, he did not answer her.

He did overreact that day, and even made trouble out of nothing. He had never known that he could easily fall into an unfair situation, and even in such a blaming tone to her.

Hester leaned against the door and listened carefully. Her palms were covered with a layer of private sweat, and she was very scared.

Brother Austin had never been harsh to her, but it would be more terrible if he disappeared in her world quietly!

"Don't be angry, okay? I agreed that day for the sake of Sophia. It was really

-known. She would definitely learn a lot from her, so she had always been sincere and had no complaints.

When she knew that the person she was helping was a Chinese, she was more active and wanted to do her best.

Hester raised her hand and rubbed between her eyebrows, lost in thought. This was the tricky problem of the case. Why did Kai's fingerprints appear on the knife? If he couldn't explain it well, it would only make him more disadvantageous.

"Well, let's go to the crime scene separately and see if we can find any clues. It was impossible that no one had seen the murder in such a noisy place.

Besides, you must pay more attention to the surrounding cameras, okay?"

"Okay, I'll be right there!" After receiving the order, the assistant was very excited. She put down the documents in her hands and ran away in a hurry.

Looking at the back of the assistant with a funny face, Hester seemed to see herself in the past. When she first entered the workplace, she was so excited that she was eager to help others get rid of the current predicament.

Even now, her anxiety had not cooled down. After living for more than 20 years, everything before was like a dream, so unreal.

"Hester, you will definitely win this battle beautifully," she muttered to herself.

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