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   Chapter 482 Exhaustion

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Austin's eyes darkened. He held her and exerted force to make her lie in his arms, quietly accompanying her, waiting for her to calm down.

"Don't be afraid! I will always be with you."

It was like a magic spell, echoing in Hester's ears. She held his clothes tightly in her hands, as if they were the last life-saving straw, eager to be redeemed and wake up from that nightmare.

She had never known that she would be so fragile one day. She just couldn't bear to see a person faint in front of her. Or perhaps she had never come out of that shadow!

The door of the operating room opened slowly. The doctor in white gown came out, politely nodded to Austin and closed the medical record in his hand.

"The patient is out of danger."

As soon as he finished speaking, Hester's hanging heart was sent to the ground. Slowly exhaled a turbid air, all the strength in her body seemed to have disappeared, and she stood firmly with the strength of Austin.

She leaned against his chest and closed her eyes wearily.

"I'm so tired!"

Austin quickly held her in his arms. Looking at her tired face, he felt a little heartache. The nurses passing by looked at Austin and Hester in his arms in surprise and discussed.

Dr. Austin was famous for his self-discipline in the hospital. He had never let anyone get close to him, let alone holding a woman so intimately.

Ignoring the strange gazes of the crowd, Austin held Hester up by the waist and went straight to his office.

"Don't bother me, please."

He nodded politely and whispered to the nurse beside him. He put her on the bed, sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her quietly.

"What should I do?"

It had been three hours since she woke up again. Hester stood up from the bed and looked around the room. After a long silence, she recognized that this was Brother Austin's office.

Thinking of Sophia, she got up from the bed in

g her thanks. When Hester walked out of the ward with a faint smile, he moved slowly with her steps.

"Don't you think it's better to discuss it with me before making the decision?"

Hester paused, a hint of disappointment flashing in her eyes. She gently shook her thin lips and slowly turned around. When she met Austin's deep and bottomless eyes, her heart beat fast.

"You were there just now. How could I bear to see her disappointed under such a circumstance? I wanted to be a lawyer because it could help others. If I refused, it would go against my original purpose, wouldn't it?"

She felt guilty, but she had her own principles. If she came back not for the case, but for a personal purpose, it was natural for him to be angry.

Austin was there, but he was still like this. It really didn't make sense.

Looking at Hester's disappointed eyes, Austin felt depressed. He sighed helplessly and looked at the ground. Suddenly he felt very tired.

He had been in fear for a long time and gradually lost his original calmness and self-control. It was really bad enough for him to be out of control and lose his temper for no reason!

He smiled with self-mockery and said slowly.

"I'm sorry, Hester. I'm too exhausted. Please don't take it to heart."

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