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   Chapter 481 Fear

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Sophia's eyes lit up in an instant. Although her face was still pale, her aura had obviously changed.

She held Hester's hands tightly with astonishing strength.

"Did you agree to take this case?"

"Your case is quite tricky. I'm still thinking about it."

Avoiding her eyes, Hester felt sorry. Her nails were embedded in her palms, stimulating her nerves, so that she would not say anything without thinking.

Austin was so emotional just now. If she rashly agreed, he must be very unhappy!

"But please rest assured that our law firm will try our best to win the case for you."

Austin looked at Hester with deep eyes, observing her subtle movements. He knew her uneasiness.

All of a sudden, Austin was caught in a dilemma. What pleased him was that Hester was still caring about his feelings, and what worried him was that he felt disgusted with himself like this.

"April, please help us! Now you are well-known and good at this kind of case. I'll kowtow to you. Please save my son!"

Sophia had to work hard for her son for a long time, and her body and spirit had been destroyed. When she saw Hester on TV, she seemed to see hope in an instant.

Such a clear and well prepared lawyer must be someone who had put in a lot of effort. If she could handle her son's case, she would definitely do a good job!

"Auntie, don't be like this. Get up!"

Hester hurriedly held Sophia's falling body, and her forehead was sweating. She bit her lower lip tightly and her eyes were erratic. Her brain was running rapidly, trying to solve the problem in front of her.

This place was not like the home country, and it was not so easy to ask people for help like this. Many people around looked at her in confusion, but she didn't mean to be the center of their attention.

"You are older than me. If you kneel down to me like this, won't you be torturing me?"

Sophia stubbornly knelt on the ground, not moving at all no matter

yes and forced herself not to think about those things. Now the situation was different, and the result would definitely not be the same.

"Safe, safe..."

When Hester murmured these words, tears fell from the corners of her eyes. The scene that Sophia fell in front of her just now overlapped that of her mother.

Hester was only eight years old at that time. She didn't know what had happened. She just stood outside the operating room and couldn't hear anything. She could only watch the light on.

Until the door was opened, she didn't see her mother open her arms with a smile and give her a hug when she was sad.

The dust laden past was torn apart, with blood surging. Hester couldn't breathe, and all her weight was on Austin's body. She just wanted to find a place to rely on for the time being.

"Don't think too much. She is fine and will come out soon!"

Austin raised his hand and patted Hester on the shoulder, trying to calm her down. Although he didn't know what she was afraid of, the only thing he was sure was that she wanted to help that mother find her child.

Holding Austin's collar with both hands, Hester's face was covered with tears. She looked a little embarrassed, like a child that no one wanted, and her face was pale.

"That's how my mother left."

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