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   Chapter 479 Habit

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Austin was stunned. He blinked slightly and gradually loosened his grip. Looking at Hester's indifferent face, Austin was flustered.

Just now, an idea flashed through Austin's mind, and he didn't know why he blurted it out uncontrollably. But when Austin saw her crying face, he regretted.

"Hester, don't be sad. I didn't mean that. I was just out of my mind just now. Don't be angry!

I didn't mean to force you to do anything. I was just a little distracted, so I spoke without thinking. Don't take it seriously. I apologize to you, okay? "

Hearing Austin's humble words, Hester's tears became more wantonly. Her light blue home clothes were soon wet. Stuck on her body, she felt very uncomfortable.

Hester clenched her fists and tried to calm herself down. Hester had tried to avoid that topic for three years. She had thought that she could face up to this problem, but she was still useless.

The wound was reopened, bleeding. It looked creepy. Sometimes, pain could make a person keep sober and make a right decision!

Holding Austin's broad palm, she took a deep breath and forced her tears back. Looking at the panic on Austin's face, Hester smiled.

"I should feel sorry! Although I may not be able to forget him, I promise I will work harder in the future.

After all, you have loved someone with all your heart. If you really want to forget someone, it's impossible that you don't get through a period hard time! "

Hester's words made Austin's heart tremble. Every word was echoing in his heart.

For a moment, he felt happier. He had confessed his love to her three years ago, but she was not in a good condition at that time. She refused firmly.

But when Hester was sick at that time, he was not stupid enough to be sad because of what the patient said. But these feelings could not be relieved by his concern for her.

In the end, it became a scar sticking to his heart. It was arrogant but helpless. But it was worth it to hear what she said t

his law be realized on her? Thinking of this, Hester took out her phone from her bag and dialed Austin's number. After hesitating for a long time, she dialed it.

"Why did you call me all of a sudden?"

Austin nodded and apologized. Then he turned around and walked to the door of the ward. With a smile on his face, he said in a soft voice unconsciously. For a call from Hester, it could always easily make his gloomy mood sunny in an instant.

"Let's have lunch together today! I have something to discuss with you! "

Hearing the warm voice of Austin, Hester bit the corner of her mouth and hesitated. She was a little guilty when she arrived. It was just a whim. How could she say it out?

Hester looked up at the assistant, thought for a while and said gently.

"Just drop me by the road later. You go back to the law office first. I have something to deal with."

Hester stood by the road and looked at the busy street, not familiar with the color of her skin. Although Hester had been here for three years, she still didn't feel used to it.

When she saw the white skinned man with a high nose brushed past her, she felt more and more depressed. She lowered her head and stroked the phone. With a self-mockery at the corners of her mouth, she opened her thin lips.

"I still can't get used to it!"

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