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   Chapter 476 Come To Pick Me Up

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Hester lowered her head with a dim expression. It was not because of anger, but more disappointment. She had worked so hard, but now she had become a tool for others to play with. She was indeed a little disappointed.

"So, all the things I've been busy with these days are useless?"

A trace of sadness flashed through Austin's eyes. He sighed helplessly, raised his hand and rubbed her head to give silent comfort.

"Although it may be a little cruel for you, I think it's not too late for you to give up now! The court won't accept the case. Even if you want to continue, it will be the most crucial. "

Looking up at Austin in silence for a few seconds, Hester stepped forward, buried her head in his arms, and moved slightly. She felt at ease with the familiar smell in her nose.

She didn't feel so sad. She had been deeply trapped in it and knew that desperate and sick, so she wouldn't blame the principal.

"Isn't he Leo's patient? But why hasn't it gotten better yet? Why is he still suspicious? "

Austin raised his hand and gently stroked her hair. He smiled helplessly. A hint of darkness flashed through Austin's eyes, and he unconsciously tightened his hands around her waist.

"The recovery of mental disease is a very long process. Leo is a doctor and he doesn't tell me the source in detail.

It's just that he has a childhood shadow. It's been a long time since he became like this. "

"So I can't really take this case?"

Although she knew the truth, she still wanted to help him. It was really pitiful for a weak person to suffer from mental illness for a long time.

Looking at Hester with a bitter smile, Austin had to comfort her. But Austin still couldn't bear it. Hester had lost a lot of weight and needed to be taken care of.

"Silly girl, since you can't take this case, don't you spare more time to help those in

neither torture nor revenge. He just wanted to make him feel at ease! Since Hester was no longer alive, the person who had hurt her was no longer qualified to enjoy a comfortable life.

He didn't put Melody under house arrest. He just wanted her to pay for what she had done. And he froze himself, which was also a punishment. Self-exile, floating in the heart forever was the most painful thing.

"Yes! I will do as Mr. Terence says! "

The doctor lowered his head and hid all the surprise in his eyes. Feeling the invisible pressure from Terence, the doctor answered softly. In this society, the strong always had to give orders, and the weak had to listen to them.

As they spoke, Melody moved her eyes and met with the deep eyes of Terence. Her heart trembled. She rushed to the door and slapped it hard, eagerly expressing her feelings at the moment.

She had been here for three years. Her parents had come to see her, but they were unable to save her. She had begged and tried to fight back, but all failed.

She could only see some lights from afar in this small room, which was empty without any result.

"Terence, you are finally here. I'm in a stable condition now. Do you know the situation and come to pick me up? "

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