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   Chapter 467 Coma

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It was not a good thing to be called. Sheryl sighed in his heart, but still stepped forward. Her mind was running rapidly, trying to find the best solution in the shortest time.

"Mr. Terence was in a hurry and didn't have a good rest these days. Don't worry, Mrs. The doctor has just checked on Mr. Terence. He is fine. He just needs to take good care of himself. "

Hearing such an official answer, Melody frowned unhappily. Melody clenched her fists and took a deep breath with her eyes closed. Then she slowly opened her eyes and looked at Sheryl with a horrible expression.

"Secretary Sheryl, do you think I'm easy to be cheated? I don't know whether you are beating around the bush or not, but in fact, you don't tell me the truth?"

Melody moved her feet and approached Sheryl slowly, with a faint smile on her face but not in her eyes.

"Or do you need my advice to tell the truth?"

Taking a step back and keeping a distance between them, Sheryl felt a shiver on her back. Maybe it was because Melody was so thin that her whole face was sunken, but the corners of her eyes were dark. With a false smile on her face, it looked very scary.

"Madam, what do you want to know? Please tell me. There is no need to press me like this!"

"What has Terence been busy with recently? Why does he look so haggard?"

Melody glanced at Sheryl's calm face and felt aggrieved. Sometimes, she couldn't understand what Sheryl was thinking. Sheryl looked like a woman without a shrewdness, but it made people feel that she was totally the same.

"Mr. Terence has been busy with the funeral of Miss Hester!"

Sheryl finally told the truth as she struggled. Melody would know it sooner or later.

With a buzzing sound in her head, Melody felt the sky and earth spinning in front of her, and her state of mind was very complicated. What pleased her was that the bitch finally got out of her sight forever. What worried her was that she would live in the shad

pens, Terence will blame me after he wakes up. "

When Melody murmured this, she struggled to stand up. She felt dizzy and hurriedly held the table beside her to calm herself down.

"I'm fine. I just felt a little dizzy because of my sudden movement just now."

Melody pushed away Lisa's hand, picked up the clothes on the table and left the ward. Melody walked in the corridor of the hospital, absent-minded. Her ears were buzzing and she walked unconsciously.

Back to the villa that she hadn't seen for a long time, Melody's heart was like a thorn in her throat. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and opened the room Hester lived before on the first floor.

The decoration inside remained the same, but there was only a cradle.


The servant held the little boy carefully and turned around. When she saw the deep and calm eyes of Melody, her heart trembled and said with fear.

"What? Am I that scary? "

Melody smiled and didn't get close to her. Melody stared at the child in the servant's arms without a blink, giving others a strong sense of uneasiness.

"The child is so beautiful. His eyes are big and his nose is straight. He looks exactly like Terence! It's not like my poor child. He has been born for such a long time, and even his own father doesn't like him! "

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