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   Chapter 449 Whispers

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Hester stopped and turned around. She looked at the unfathomable Derek and smiled. "Thank you for your advice, Mr. Derek. I will remember it."

After saying that, she glanced at Anna who was rolling her eyes, shaking her head slightly. Anna was born in a good condition, but her aura was too strong, which made people annoyed.

"Anna, as an old classmate, I advise you. It's not a good thing to be too competitive. Please don't be too arrogant and domineering in the future!"

"You..." Anna pointed at Hester, trembling because of the atmosphere. She held her breath and couldn't open her mouth.

Looking at her angry face, there was no change on Hester's face. But the complacency in her eyes could not be ignored.

When she met Derek's meaningful eyes, her heart tightened. She nodded slightly, turned around and left.

"Excuse me. See you later!"

With his hands in his pockets, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. The dim light was shining, making it more difficult for people to look away.

Today, the biggest harvest was Hester, the woman that lit up his eyes. Although she was not as beautiful as Anna, she had the unique charm of an oriental woman who attracted him and made him want to explore more unconsciously.

Anna raised her head and her eyes darkened. She tightened her hand. This kind of gaze was too familiar to her. Was that bitch going to take away the man she liked?

No, she wouldn't let this tragedy happen again. This time, she would definitely trample on Hester and ravage her so that she would never dare to challenge her again!

Hester took a deep breath and sat at the side of the court, opposite to the arrogant principal, Anna. But she didn't see the dangerous man. It was so strange.

"Now, it's the time for the debate between the plaintiff and the defendant!" The judge glanced at Hester and Anna seriously and said indifferently. The hammer fell on the table.

"Hello, everyone present. I am the legal princip

raised his hand and the hammer fell down.


"That's exactly what we are afraid of! Hester, you bitch, you can't always be so lucky!"

Hearing Hester's words, Anna took a deep breath. She clenched her fists to restrain her emotions. She knew that she would not be bothered by that kind of small mistake, but she still felt deeply frustrated when she heard it.

"Call Mr. Derek and ask the accountant to finish the accounting as soon as possible. Don't make a mistake in their place."

Although she didn't want to accept this fact, Hester quickly thought of the problem and said.

"Dear judge, I'm afraid there will be something wrong with the process of collecting evidence. Why don't we ask a female employee to bring it here? It will save trouble."

Anna's eyes widened in disbelief, although she knew that Hester would not hear her. But why did she seem to be present when she came up with that idea? It made her scared.

"How could it be?"

Why did Hester's narration corresponded to her own words without being noticed at all? Anna looked for the answer in her heart and frowned tightly.

"Report to Mr. Derek about the situation here now! Make sure that Mr. Derek can tell them in advance. Don't make any mistakes. It will be difficult to take it back if we fail," Anna said in a hurry

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