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   Chapter 433 Blame Me

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6369

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Hester frowned and turned her head to look at Austin. She was confused. Why did Brother Austin suddenly become like this?

"Brother Austin, are you okay?"

Austin looked up at Hester and gently rubbed her hair. Austin glanced at Leo from the corner of his eyes, who was far away from them. His eyes flashed, but there was no other reaction in the end.

"No, I'm just a little tired from reading just now. Don't worry!"

"Will you go for a walk with us?"

Hester raised her hand to touch Austin's forehead and exhaled softly. Fortunately, he didn't have a fever. But it was really worrying to see Brother Austin's disheveled look!


Looking at Leo's back, Austin gnashed his teeth and said. Austin tightened his grip and followed Leo slowly. Austin pulled Leo closer to him.

"Austin, what are you doing? Although I always know that I am more handsome, I also know clearly that I like women, absolutely not men! "

Leo looked at Austin seriously and put his hand on Austin's waist to defend Austin. It was said that men in love were relatively fragile. But Austin reacted intensely.

As a professional psychologist, Leo thought he should rely on his own wisdom to pull Austin back from that crooked path!


With a look of disgust, Austin pushed Leo away, took out a handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped his fingers. He raised his eyes and glanced at Leo, who was greatly shocked, with a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

"Do you like Hester?"

Leo looked at Austin's darkened face. The corner of Leo's mouth twitched fiercely, but he was speechless for a moment and did not have time to react.

Leo had thought of many reasons, but he didn't expect the truth to be like this. He comforted Austin just now. It was really a waste!

"You deserve to be alone all your life!"

Austin raised his eyebrows and looked at the back of Leo in confusion. Au

ed her self injury trick, there was no need to go on.

"Then I'll go to bed first. I won't have the energy to take care of the child until I recover!"

Terence was dazzled by her smile for a moment. Maybe it was his illusion before. How could Melody, who loved her child so much, show a disgusted expression.

Although he didn't have much time at home, every time he saw the child, and the child was held and coaxed by Melody. So she should love the child the most!

Under his gaze, Melody raised her eyebrows and felt a little uncomfortable. Melody pretended to take a breath of relief and she didn't want to continue wasting time here.

It was difficult for her to calm down and control herself, not to mention to deceive the agile Terence?

"Then I'll go to bed first."

Watching her leave, Terence looked at the baby in the cradle and frowned slightly. Terence squatted down and carefully touched the baby's soft skin with his fingers. A trace of tenderness gradually appeared between his cold eyebrows.

This was his child, connected with his flesh and blood. He had been too busy to see his son's face carefully before.

"I have thought about giving you a name, but if I really do that, I will feel guilty. As my child, have you ever blamed me? "

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