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"Welcome back, Terence."

Melody stood at the door with a smile, watching Terence coming slowly with a fascinating figure. A simple white housecoat made people feel very gentle.

Upon hearing this, Terence stopped for a while and concealed his feeling. He slowly exhaled a mouthful of air, and the corners of his mouth rose again. He nodded to Melody with an indifferent look on his face.


For a moment, he had mistaken her for Hester. That was how she had waited for him to come back from work at that time. Why hadn't he taken a look at her back then?

Melody frowned in an almost invisible manner. In the blink of an eye, the smile on her face appeared again.

She turned around and followed the pace of Terence. She took his coat and handbag and put them aside.

"I've made some soup for you. Wash your hands! The meal will be ready in a minute. These days you were so tired that you forgot to eat and sleep. You really need some good food."

"I'll go back to the study first!"

With a glint of light in his eyes, Terence tried to hide his feelings. He walked up the stairs in grief, and stepped over the place where Hester had passed.

He always thought of Hester at this moment. She had done similar things here before. At that time, all she could see was only him in her heart!

Sitting in the study and looking out of the window at the night, Terence was lost in thought and didn't know where to go.

"She should have come out now."

He whispered, with all kinds of feelings surging in his heart, and he always had an irresistible palpitation.

"Knock, knock, knock!"

The sound of someone knocking at the door came. Melody leaned her head on the door, with a slight smile on her lips and a hint of cruelty in her eyes. She didn't mean to hear what he had said. She just wanted to know what he had

in her hand, he had mixed feelings.

He knew Melody, though considerate, she was also arrogant. This meant that something was changing quietly.

"Melody, you... You don't have to do this."

Melody raised her head and forced a smile. She clasped her hands more tightly and unconsciously, her hands had been burned red.

What happened between them? Why did he still look so indifferent no matter how hard she tried? She had tried her best to be a gentle and virtuous wife. What else did he want?

If he was only fond of Hester's nature, then it was possible for her to imitate it.

"Terence, what's wrong with me?"

"Why do you ask that?" Astonishment was written all over his face as he stared at Melody deeply.

"Then why are you so cold to me now? I've done my best. Why can't you do the same thing to me?"

Melody's tears collapsed in an instant, drifting crazily on her pale face. She used to wear beautiful make-up, but now she changed her style and didn't wear make-up, which made her lose a powerful momentum.

Now she was increasingly weak and pathetic. She stared at Terence without a blink, and the sadness in her eyes was beyond description.

"Or do you dislike me... Do you dislike our baby?"

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