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   Chapter 332 Change The Clothes

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A hint of disappointment flashed in Melody's eyes, and a faint smile appeared on her lips. She put the phone back but didn't turn off the screen. The phone was so bright in her hand.

"Don't be angry, Terence! It was raining outside. Hester had only wanted to find a place to shelter from the rain. Besides, I think they are quite familiar with each other, so I just let her go. Then you don't need to worry about her. "

Veins stood out on Terence's forehead, and his face was overcast with anger. His eyes were fixed on the cell phone, as if it would attract fatal gravity.

"Stop it."

Terence said calmly to stop her. He turned his eyes to look out of the window at the rapid rain, smiling.

"Since you said she took shelter from the rain, why didn't she come back? It's getting late. It's not a good idea to always bother others at such a late time. I should take her back, shouldn't I? "

Melody stepped back and held her hands so hard that she wouldn't look too stiff. Terence was a little scared, and her back was numb.

She had known him for a long time, but it was the first time she had seen him like this. She took a deep breath to calm herself down and stood by quietly.

She thought that she should stop what she should do. After all, she still had to get close to him in the future, and she couldn't let him disgust with her!

Turning around, Terence took out his phone and called his assistant. His eyes were as dark as the night sky. He looked out of the window at the drizzle on the ground, calm and frightening.

"Check out Hester's location, right now!"

"Yes, sir!" The man on the other end of the line and replied and then left in a hurry.

On the other side, Jackson slowly parked his car. With a smile, he unfastened the seat belt and took out a new towel, placing it at Hester's head.

"Dry your hair quickly. If you get a fever in the middle of the night, it will trouble me!"

Hester tore the dry towel off her head and wiped her hair. Although she

ter held the china bowl with her hands, and her face was reddish. She was like a greedy cat, relaxed and comfortable.

Jackson couldn't help smiling and a sense of peace showed on his face. He sat aside and sipped the ginger and sugar water in a graceful manner. He didn't move even a little when glancing at Hester.

The phone at his hand shivered and he frowned. Casting a glance at the name on the phone, he stood up and walked to the window.

"What is it?"

"Mr. Jackson, now Terence ask his men to search you and Miss Hester. Do you think we should take some precautions?"


Jackson was leaning against the wall in a comfortable manner, and his eyes were slightly narrowed. Her finger knocked on the window frame and he smiled seductively.

"No matter what you do, I won't allow him to find me or Hester!"

"Yes! Mr. Jackson! "

After some time, Jackson hanged up the phone slowly. He thought with a playful smile, "Maybe some of the rules in this game need to be changed?"

Jackson turned around and glanced at Hester. With hands on forehead, temples throbbing faintly, he tried to restrain her emotions. He took a deep breath and walked slowly to the table.

He touched Hester's forehead gently and took a deep breath. Maybe he was too naive sometimes.

"It's quite unexpected after I met you!"

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