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   Chapter 330 Go Home With Me

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6324

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"Where are you going?" Jackson couldn't help but feel funny, reaching out his hand to block her way.

"Or do you just want to go out like this and attract people who go to the wrong way?"

The simple words relieved Hester from the grief. She lowered her eyes to glance at the clothes that were tightly ironed on her body, and her arms tightly wrapped around her chest, trying to cover the skin.

"Mr. Jackson, please behave yourself!"

She was so down and out now. Although she didn't like others to ask her what happened, as a normal person, shouldn't he ask about her feelings at this moment?

Jackson smiled, and his feminine features were softened with the dim light of the street lamp. He shook off the clothes in his hands and covered it on her body again, and then pulled it to prevent it from falling down.

"I know how heavy I am. So you don't have to always stress that!"

"Ha-ha!" Hester laughed, not holding back her expression. Would such a cold and aloof man as Jackson say such kind of jokes?

Seeing that she was in a good mood again, Jackson felt relieved. Jackson had consumed too much energy to deal with Hester because he wanted to defeat Terence.

"Well, you are still wet. Are you sure you want to stand in the rain?"

Hester looked up at Jackson and paused. She didn't know what to do. She was so tired that she didn't have much energy to think.

Jackson sighed helplessly. There was nothing he could do about such a stupid child as Hester. He put his hand on her shoulder and held her in his arms naturally.

"Get in the car first."

"Crack!" A strange voice came. Hearing this, Jackson narrowed his eyes and looked to the direction where the voice came from. There was a flash of hostility in his eyes.

"You'd better hand it in!"

Hearing what Jackson had said, Hester turned her head in confusion. Her expression was dazed when she saw Melo

had just lost control of her emotions and temporarily forgotten the baby in her belly. At this moment, she was really a little scared when she thought of it. If she was really sick, what should she do?

"Thank you, Mr. Jackson!"

Hearing her soft voice, Jackson raised his lips and looked straight ahead. He turned his head and looked at Hester with a cunning smile.

"Although I stayed for such a long time because of you, I felt a little guilty for your words."

Hester's mouth twitched, and she felt really uncomfortable. She helplessly opened her eyes and looked at his side face with a slight regret.

This man had a flawless face, so how could he say something so strange? Is it true that no one is perfect?

"Mr. Jackson, I'm afraid that you are not so lucky."

"Oh?" Jackson raised his eyebrows with great interest, while slightly turning the steering wheel in his hand. The harsh light shone on his face, making him more outstanding and exquisite.

"Yes, you are right. It's my bad to have you as my secretary."

Hester was rendered speechless. Her words was only at the surface. Why did this person have to extend his intent without asking for permission?

"The weather is so bad. Why don't you go home with me tonight?" asked him.

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