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   Chapter 329 Leaving

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"You are bringing disgrace on yourself?"

Terence frowned and the expression on his face was hard to describe. His eyes were as dark as ink, as if to drown anybody who saw them.

People would generally get into weird and calm state after they got furious. At this time, he was in such a state. Normally, he was calm and self-sufficient, but once someone touched his bottom line, there would always be something unknown.

"If you really worry about bringing disgrace on yourself, you won't do such a shameful thing!"

She staggered and fell to the ground because she lost her dignity at last. Hester was shocked by his words, causing an indelible damage.

Hester clenched her hands and dug her nails into her palms. But she didn't realize that. The pain in her heart had turned numb, and she could not feel any pain at all.

"It's been so long. Don't you know that I'm bringing disgrace on myself?"

She has done the most shameful thing. Isn't it the most disgraceful thing for her to love you in such a humble manner? "Every move of you concerns me so much, which affects my own happiness, anger, sorrow and joy."

Mandy once said, "if you love someone, you will put yourself in an important position.". However, she didn't dust at all. She even couldn't control herself.

"Huh!" He laughed grimly, squatted down and put his hands on her shoulder. There was no expression on his cold face, which was empty but extremely hurtful and intangible.

"Of course I know your intention. You are a woman of easy virtue. What's more, you tried so hard to seduce Mike. What's worse, you tried to seduce your boss. You thought highly of yourself.

Jackson is much more beautiful than women. Don't you feel embarrassed when you do those things? "

Hester no longer responded to his words. She sat quietly on the ground, regardless of her discomfiture. Her eyes were empty.

Hester's soul was taken away in an instant, leaving her alone b

e possessed by her."

The corners of his mouth quirked up. He was still trying to tease himself. Hester walked out at this moment, dejected.

Hester's eyebrows knitted tightly. She liked to wear loose clothes. She was even thinner after getting wet in the rain.

He grabbed an umbrella from the car, opened the door and walked towards her quickly. He put the suit jacket in his hand on her, and their eyebrows seemed to stick together.

"Why didn't you take an umbrella when it rained? Are you out of your mind?"

Hester suddenly felt warm. She slowly looked up at the evil smile of Jackson. The dried tear stains seemed to have the impulse to recover. However, due to being wet in the rain, except for the reddish eyes, no trace of her crying could be seen.

"Why are you here?"

With a faint smile on his face, Jackson didn't ask her why she came out at this time of the day. He turned the umbrella in her direction, only to cover all the raindrops on top of her head.

"Somebody's out of luck, so the car was scrapped halfway. It took me a long time to fix it!"

"It's getting late. Mr. Jackson, you'd better go home now."

Hester said indifferently, raising her hand to take off his clothes and placing it in his hand.

"I have something else to do, so I'm leaving now."

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