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   Chapter 325 Drive Her Home

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Hester looked at Jackson calmly and tightened her hand in the dark. Now that she had decided to keep a distance from him, she should pay attention to something!

Jackson's face fell. He frowned and asked. He put his hands on the table and approached her slowly. He had felt that she was trying to avoid him, but today it was the first time that she decisively refused him.

"Why are you hiding from me?"

Hester's body was involuntarily stiff as he was approaching. Beads of sweat were coming out from her palms. She breathed carefully.

"Mr. Jackson, you must be kidding. I just don't want to bother you!"


Jackson eyebrow, with a smile, but also he did not say anything. Her every move was carved on her face. She was on the alert because of what Terence said to her?

"Of course," Hester said with a smile, almost crying. She had not thought that such an ambiguous posture was really easy to make people daydream!

"It's okay. I'm not afraid of trouble! let's go! You don't look very well. If there was an accident, I would have been the one who suffered! "

He raised his eyebrows and said. Then he turned around and left, without saying another word to her.

"Hester, how about letting Mr. Jackson drive you home?"

The smile on Sara's face froze after she witnessed the whole process. Although she was completely ignored by them, she was still happy.

After all, she was so bold to speak ill of the big boss and the boss didn't say anything. She was lucky. She felt it necessary to put in a good word to boss in order to express herself in time.

Hearing this, Jackson raised his eyebrows. He fixed his eyes on her and smiled. Then he raised his hand and cleared his throat, slowly saying

"Although your words were not very pleasant to hear before, I'm very satisfied with what I've said afterwards. Therefore, it's ok."

Hester's mouth twitched at

tersection. It's easy to get a taxi here."

"Oh?" His tone was tempting, with a hint of trembling. He turned the steering wheel and pulled over. Fixing his eyes on Hester.

"It seems that you still don't understand what I mean? Do you need me to explain? "

Hester stared at him, grabbed the belt nervously and swallowed hard. Her back was leaning against the car door and her hands quietly reached out to open it.

The lock? Then what should I do now? The enemy's fighting capacity is too strong. Is the God going to kill me?

With one hand holding the steering wheel, Jackson fixed his eyes on Hester. How could he not see through her mind? He was just teasing her.

Seeing that she was embarrassed but didn't know how to refuse him, his cold heart was cheered up and his time was tinged with happiness.

"I forgot to tell you my another plan. If you don't agree to let me send you home, you can just go back to my home.

As a responsible boss, I won't let my employees go home alone when they are not feeling well. "

Hester looking at him warily, with the sweat in her palm. It was said that the more beautiful a person was, the more dangerous he was. But why was he so thick skinned?

"I'll show you the way. Please drive, Mr. Jackson!"

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