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   Chapter 324 Trouble For You

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Sheryl's face was slightly red, and she was indeed choked. How could Mr. Terence keep calm and even play a joke after such a serious matter happened in the company?

"Find out the criminal and never let him go!"

The smile didn't fade away and Terence's face became bloody. Terence said word by word with an air of ferocity.

In the tea room of Qi Group, all members of the planning department gathered together with a disappointed look.

"Well! Did you hear that? Our Qi Group didn't participate in the bidding this time, and we don't know why Mr. Terence suddenly left halfway. "

"It seems that there are moles in our company! Mr. Terence quitted to save the company's face. Otherwise, people will laugh at us when they know that we have moles. "

"I have worked so hard for such a long time, but it was first snatched by someone. If I know who is the mole, I will not spare him!"

"Mr. Terence, I will inform the department managers to give a strict inspection and forbid employees to talk about it!"

Sheryl stood behind Terence, with sweat on her forehead. They had just come back, but the news of the mole was spread out. It was really restless.

Terence stood there with a fascinating manner, and his hands in pockets. His face was gloomy, but apparently not because of anger, but because of excitement.

He wouldn't believe it if there was no one behind this, who could pass the news so soon. But who on earth did it?

"Things seem to be much funnier than I thought!"

He whispered, with his eyes shining with excitement. He turned to look at Sheryl and curved his lips into a smile

"Oh, and this matter must be thoroughly investigated within the company, and all the senior executives should be thoroughly investigated. Be careful not to let the media know!"

As soon as the meeting ended, Qi Group knew the result at once. Because of the order of strict investig

it as fetal education. "

On the other side, Hester was still living a quiet work life. Occasionally, she would go out with Sara, but it wouldn't be too late.

"Hester, it's already off work. Why are you still in a daze?"

Sara said, raising her eyebrows and patting her on the shoulder. She became more and more likely to be absent-minded these days. Did something happen to her?

Hester responded, casting a glance at the phone and sighed. "I've been very busy with the work recently. And I'm not in good spirit!"

Looking at the exhausted expression on her face, Sara said nothing more. She put away everything and threw her a bag.

"Now that you are not feeling well, go back and have a rest! Knowing that you are still a new employee, Mr. Jackson is so unfair to give you such a heavy task. "

"You're right, but aren't you afraid of being fired?"

Hester stopped teasing at once and looked at Jackson seriously, frowning slightly.

"Mr. Jackson!"

He nodded gently to them, and there was a familiar smile on the corner of his mouth. Jackson insisted, fixing his eyes at Hester and had mixed feelings in his eyes.

"You don't look good. Let me send you back."

"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Jackson. It's better not to bother you!"

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