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   Chapter 318 You Were Too Weak

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Upon hearing this, Terence's eyes became brighter and his breath paused for a second. Then he felt his lungs were filled with anger and were about to explode. He didn't know whether it was right or not to marry Melody. After all, he owed her.

Melody had never asked for anything except for getting married. He would never forget her calm appearance when she told him about her pregnancy. Her peace and humbleness deeply shocked him.

Under such a circumstances, he agreed to marry her. He had never regretted what he had done.

But today, when Hester told him that he had married, he couldn't bear the pain in his heart. He held her hand and pulled her close.

"That's what you have always thought about. But don't forget, you are one of Qi family!"

After saying that, he stood up and left the villa. Such kind of conversation was never useless, and it would be meaningless to continue the conversation. He drove as fast as he could and galloped.

Hester stood in the living room, clenching her fists. Taking a deep breath, she turned around and saw a weird looking servant putting something into the pocket.

She raised her eyebrows slightly, but didn't pay too much attention. Maybe it was because the servant was too dependent on the phone that she couldn't control herself not to call him!

On the other side, Melody put her phone away and went into the bathroom in high spirits. She didn't wear any makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. She really couldn't stand it.

She rushed back to the ward and took out the makeup bag from the cupboard. Then she went into the bathroom and began to make up herself in front of the mirror.

"No way! The make-up is too heavy, which is not natural at all! "

Melody frowned and wiped her makeup off with cotton pads from the dresser. Melody reapplied her make-up and wore light make-up.

She sat in the ward with joy, looking at the direc

pital. And Terence took care of me in the hospital these two days. It really hurts me to see him busy running around the hospital and the company.

Aren't you good at cooking? Remember to make more soup to strengthen his body. That way, you won't seem so useless. "

Hester's breathing was disordered and her chest was heaving violently. Hester's black eyes looked more desolate against her pale face. There was a thin mist in her eyes, but she was still stubborn and wouldn't unleash her anger!

Was she always a chef in the eyes of others? Anyway, the fact that one of them was a member of a rich family while the other one was a lonely and helpless young woman indeed was a tragedy for them!

"If you call me for such a boring thing, I'll end the call now. Bye!"

Hester hung up the phone without hesitation. She couldn't bear to hear Melody's hypocritical words, especially her haughty attitude. It was disgusting.

When Melody was talking vigorously, she heard the "beep" sound from the other side. It was a little angry for no reason. She looked at her phone in disbelief, unable to accept the fact.

Hester was the first one who had never hung up her phone before.

"You can't stand it? It's not enough to make a complaint, but you are too weak. "

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