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   Chapter 311 Make Trouble To You

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Shocked by Hester's sense of humor, Sara remained silent for a long time. It seemed that since they knew each other, she had never been as pleased as she was?

And why did Manager Jonny ask her for help? Although she was Hester's friend, was it necessary to be so obvious?

"Hester, I discovered that you were not good."

She blurted out. There was a strong resentment in the air.

Hester looked up at Sara and all her emotions were cleared up. She couldn't help laughing, slowly exhaled a mouthful of stale air, and then looked down at the documents in her hands.

"Sara, if we don't work harder, we will have to work overtime tonight."

After saying that, a coquettish woman walked slowly with a stack of documents in her hands. She said arrogantly, her eyes full of disdain.

"Humph! I didn't expect you to be so smart! "

"Hey! Watch your mouth. What are you talking about? "

Sara stared at the woman with a flamboyant look on her face. Her chest heaved violently because of anger. As far as she knew, the key was to confound right and wrong. Otherwise, things would be more out of line next time.

Hester held Sara's hand. She didn't want Sara to conflict with the woman. After all, she has gotten used to it since the first day she was promoted.

She had lived in this kind of life for eighteen years! She had been doing this since she was deaf.

"Sara, let's hurry up with our work!"

"Hester..." Sara frowned, unwilling to accept the fact. She hated Hester's temper most and was in a very bad mood. Hester had been aggrieved, but why did she refuse to say it out?

"Sara, go ahead with your work!" Hester looked at her with pleading eyes, feeling at a loss. Because of her deaf, there were no children liked to play with her from childhood.

It was true that Sara stood up for her. She cherished Sara, she wouldn't want Sara argued with others for her.

She coul


The four of them arrived at a restaurant. Hester and Sara walked in front of Jackson and Ada, looking around to search for the seats.

"Sara, come here. I have something to tell you!"

With a smile, Ada held Sara's hand. He wore a pair of rimless glasses on his high nose, which made him look more handsome and gentle.

Sara was totally attracted by him. She never dreamed that one day she would be chased by someone, and it was such an excellent boy that made her almost crazy.


Hester was stunned as he watched the two people leaving with each other. What was going on? Why did they get along with each other so well? Sara was always careless but now she was very shy?

"Watch out!" A low shout was heard, and then she was held into someone's arms. Jackson looked at Hester with a helpless expression, wondering what she was thinking about.

"Why do you look absent-minded when you walk? What are you thinking about?"

Hester glanced at the plate scattered on the floor, patting her chest with fear. Luckily, even if she avoided attack, she would have been burned?

Noticing that they were not in a good position, she left his arms calmly. She raised her hand to flick her hair, and then raised her eyes slowly.

"Thank you!"

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