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   Chapter 308 Power

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Manager Jonny frowned and wore a gloomy smile, looking like cunning. His eyes were glittering, but his attitude was very respectful.

He had been doing business for so many years, how could he not see through this trick? Boss had been taking care of Hester since he bought the company. He was not blind, so how could he not know this?

He believed that Hester would be boss's girlfriend. She would definitely beat the face of the gossipers all around the company. Others said to that Hester was shameless. But he was convinced that she was indeed a powerful person.

To win the heart of Jackson who was more stunning than a woman, she was not an ordinary person.

"Don't be ridiculous. Mr. Jackson doesn't come to the company. You are his personal secretary. You are in charge of the company affairs!"

Hester's mouth twitched fiercely. It didn't make sense? Why did Mr. Jackson ask her to deal with the company affairs since he wasn't here? Manager Jonny was above her, isn't he?

"Manager Jonny, although Mr. Jackson bought the whole company, you are still a manager. Since Mr. Jackson is not here, you should stand out! How could he give it to me? "

"I don't know. We just acted according to the order. Please don't embarrass me."

Manager Jonny narrowed his eyes into slits when he laughed. Then he blamed all the problems to Jackson. Mr. Jackson was not here, Hester didn't know where to go to find him?

Hester sighed dejectedly and entered the company with her head down. Hester sat at her station and looked at the mountain like folders on her desk, crying silently.

It was rare to see that Mr. Jackson was so busy these days. How come she came here with so many documents.

"Don't worry, Secretary Hester. I've checked these documents in advance. There's no problem with them. You just need to sign on them."

Manager Jonny explained with a smile, looking at Hester'

employees not get money?

Since Mr. Jackson severely punished those gossipers last time, the whole company was quiet and did not dare to mention her name, but they began to secretly trip her up with tacit understanding

Since she liked to be in power holder so much, they didn't mind making her busier. If she got promoted by foul means, they wouldn't be convinced.

Sheryl splashed a handful of cold water on her face to calm herself down in the bathroom. Her fragile heart could not stand suffering! Day by day, she would have a short life!

Her phone on the glass table was buzzing. She quickly swiped her hand to get it through.

She pushed open the bathroom door in a hurry and saw Terence's overcast face in the sofa, trembling with fear.

"What's wrong?" Glancing coldly at Sheryl, Terence asked expressionlessly.

Sheryl narrowed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. A few times like this, she would resign.

"Mr. Terence, a call came from the company. It said there was something urgent. Please go back quickly!"

Urgent business? Raising his eyebrows, Terence looked at Sheryl with a frown. Is he playing tricks again? Ever since he set up his own company, he always found trouble with Terence.

"Let's go!"

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