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   Chapter 306 Friends

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"Miss Hester, you haven't had a rest for the whole night. You look so pale, don't you go to work today?"

Lisa heaved a sigh, standing there. Mr. Terence called just now and asked her to find some capable people to look after Melody.

She just wanted to tell Hester that she didn't have to wait, but the words started to change in her mouth. She just felt that their relationship could no longer withstand any misunderstanding.

Hester raised her hand, yawned, and shook her head. She want to wait for him to come back and explain to him in person. She had made great efforts to get here, and she did not want to give up easily.

She gave up too much, which made her a little tired. Simon was strong enough again and again to withstand these suffers.

However, it was just too hard for her. The ability in her body had been completely obliterated. Maybe this time, she would be broken into pieces?

"Okay! I'll wait a little longer and go to bed right away! "

Lisa sighed, not knowing how to say it. Hester was always gentle, so she would be angry with Hester completely.

"Do you need me to prepare breakfast?"

Hester covered her mouth with a hand. But she was afraid that Lisa would discover her feelings, so she forced herself not to look at Lisa, pretending to be sleepy.

She didn't sleep for the whole night and her body had been over reacting. She felt a little tense in her mind, and her hand seemed to touch her belly casually, while her eyes were hiding the light.

"I am really getting old, and my health is not as good as before. I'm a little sleepy, so I'm going to have a rest first. Don't forget to call me when Terence comes back! "

"Okay!" Lisa said cheerfully, relieved. As long as Hester can go back and have a rest, she can do whatever she wants to do.

Hester slowly walked back to her room with heavy steps and took a deep breath. Sitting in front of the mirror, she was

ou stop and have a rest! You have companied me for the whole night. You must be tired. You can't finish your work. Don't keep on acting like a hero. "

Terence nodded slightly and closed the folder in his hand. He leaned against the sofa and rubbed his forehead softly. His eyes were dry and a little full of swelling, and everything was a little blurry.

Last night's experience was so ups and downs. It was understandable for him to be so tired. That Hester always in his mind made him very tired.

He could endure the physical suffering, but his heart was totally different from the physical pain.

Hester was one of the reasons why he was here today. He didn't know how to face Hester for fear that he would lose control and push her away from him. That was not what he wanted to see.

It was not easy for them to make some progress in their relationship, but it would be hard for them to break up because of this little thing. The most important thing was about Jackson. No matter what he wanted to do, as long as he put his mind on Hester, Terence would be so merciless to him.

"Have some water." With a glass of warm water in Melody's hand, she sat beside him and rubbed his temples gently, trying to relieve his nervous nerve.

"Terence, we are friends!"

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