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   Chapter 300 Surge Of Undercurrent

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Hester was relieved at the sight of the two. If it went on like this, perhaps she would be able to escape tonight?

Suddenly, she felt really cold. She looked up at Terence's complicated eyesight, finding it hard to breathe.

Jackson kicked Hester under the table and frowned. He approached her without a second thought and whispered in her ear.

"I have not recovered yet. I really can't drink tonight. You must come out and refuse me at the right time, okay?"

Hester was awakened by his action. She took a deep breath and slowly adjusted her breath. She then turned around and looked at Jackson as if nothing had happened, so as not to arouse his suspicion.

"Don't worry! Mr. Jackson, I won't let you drink too much tonight and you will get a stomachache again. "

Though saying this, Hester was a little scared. She just want to escape, how could she help Jackson? Why did she come here and met Terence?

When Jackson saw the panic in Hester's eyes, a hint of sharpness flashed in his eyes. With excitement and weirdness, he lifted the corners of his mouth.

He put his hand on Hester's, frowned, and said with a worried expression

"I wish you could be as smart as before! In that case, I don't have to drink anymore, right? "

Terence stared at their holding hands, and he even wanted to kill Jackson. He knew everything clearly, but he still brought Hester here to show off.

Terence clenched his fists. The blue veins in his hands bulged and revealed his angry feelings. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. What Jackson wanted to see most now was that he lost his temper, but he couldn't do as he wished.

He looked at Hester and Jackson calmly, as if he just knew her today. There was not much communication between them.

Sitting beside Terence, Sheryl intuitively sensed a slight suppressed anger from Terence. She had sweats all over her forehead, fearin

action told him that he had a stomach disease, and it was serious. He was too weak to

live without medicine.

"Mr. Jackson, we talked so much back and forth. Why don't we take a break, have some food and then have the energy to talk? "

Terence's words were plain to understand, but in fact, he was trying to provoke Jackson. There was only reason for their dispute. Why did he always involve others in it? This was not fair at all.

Jackson slightly lifted the corners of his mouth, and his charming eyes fell on the goblet next to his hand. He raised his hand to pick up the glass and raised it to greet.

"Mr. Terence is a straightforward man. I appreciate it!"

Hester sat at the side, watching the two as they spoke. Her mind was in a mess and she was unable to get out of the cage in her mind.

She was deeply moved by the fact that no matter how calm Terence was now, his face would change as soon as he returned home.

However, she had just found a job. Was she going to resign for such a small misunderstanding? She had a hard time to find a sense of belonging, and she was reluctant to let go.

Unexpectedly, Terence approached Jackson at the place where Hester could not see. Then he hid his smile.

"Jackson, I advise you to be quiet!"

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