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   Chapter 299 The Malicious Banquet

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Putting his slender fingers against the center of his eyebrows, Terence felt frustrated like he had never done before. What was she thinking? He had put it so clear. Why didn't she understand?

"Since you said so, you should be careful in everything! I have some business to deal with, so I have to hang up. "

Hester was surprised by his sudden cold attitude. Hearing the "beep" sound, Hester was at a loss what to do. 'What's wrong with him?' she wondered.

She sighed and put down her phone. Fine! She admitted that she never understood what he was thinking, and she couldn't figure it out either.

'It seems that we haven't eaten together for a long time. '

She leant on the desk unhappily and murmured. If only there was a mirror in the world which could see through one's mind, she wouldn't have to work so hard to guess what he was thinking every day and what she should do.

On the other side, Terence hung up the phone irritably, threw his phone away and closed his eyes lazily. His breath was disordered, as if he was bothered by something.

"Hester, do you really understand or not?"

Today, he specially put down his so-called dignity to invite her out for dinner and indicated that he would pick her up. However, he failed, which made him a little dispirited.

Time flew. Hester didn't hesitate much about what she was going to do with Terence. She busied herself with sorting out the information. Before she knew it, it was already off work.

Jackson walked out of the office like a gentleman and walked towards Hester's desk. Glancing at her serious working look, he smiled.

Tapping his slender fingers on the table, he lazily leaned against it.

"Hester, it's time for us to set off."

Hester was suddenly awakened and looked at Jackson in a panic, touching her chest. She just thought that it had been just a few minutes. How could they get off work?

She typed the last wo

ront of Jackson with an ambiguous attitude.

"Mr. Jackson, I am so sorry! There was something that took a while on our way here, so we didn't make it. Please forgive us for being late! "

From the moment he came in, Jackson's eyes were fixed on him. He could clearly see the subtle change of Terence's body and the anger in his eyes that was not able to hide.

Terence shook his hand gently and exerted pressure on each other. When a businessman met for the first time, the integrity and guarantee were the most important, which naturally should not be careless.

"Mr. Jackson, what are you talking about? It's kind of me that you take time to come here and see me. I'm very happy about it. "

Then he took up the bottle, filled himself with the quilt in front of him, and filled the quilt of Terence in the same time. He swirled the wine glass gently. Smelling the scent from it, he was a little drunk.

"I'd like to propose a toast to you for our first meeting. I hope our cooperation will be more successful!"

There was a natural smile on the corner of Terence's mouth. It seemed that he didn't feel uncomfortable at all. He raised his glass lazily and clinked glasses with Jackson.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Jackson. I hope our future cooperation goes smoothly! "

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