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   Chapter 297 Oppression Of The Rumor

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Jackson looked up at her. It was the first time that they looked into each other's eyes in such a short distance. The corners of his mouth curled up slightly. There was a trace of mockery and something else that could not be understood.

He slowly approached Hester and continued to move forward. Her back was against the wall, and there was no way back.

"Hester, do you really not care or do you care too much?"

Hester was at the point. The ripples in her heart gradually spread, with big waves.

What do you think of me? Was it because she cared too much or she didn't care as he said?

Looking at her puzzlement, Jackson raised his eyes slightly. He raised his hand and moved it slowly along her cheek, clearly feeling her quivering.

"Everyone is selfish. He won't leak the news unless he has to. But Hester, please remember, no matter what happens, everyone should be judged based on his own preferences. Don't just believe in your own sense all the time. It will confuse your true thoughts! "

Hester was stunned and stood at the place for a long time, recalling what Jackson had said. She clenched her fists and put them on her chest, looking at him with confused eyes.

"Hester, are you also annoyed?"

He murmured in a low voice. The repressed anger in his heart gradually burned. Hester said with a smile. She had already been fed up with the feeling of being discussed?

She signed slightly and went back to his work station. She could still remember the gossips and slanders from her colleagues and the comments against her.

Being fidgety, she grabbed her hair and shook her head, trying to stop thinking about these things. He had been fine before. Why did he suddenly become like this?

"Hester, it's the rule that Mr. Jackson issued. You run down all the way and accurately spreads this order to all departments!"

Allen put the paper at the corner of the desk

wed his eyes and smiled. It seemed that she was much more complicated than he had imagined. She had never worked before and was not good at socializing. But her every move with him was full of her own thoughts, making him both funny and annoying.

"Forget it. Let's leave it unsettled. From now on, please pay attention to your words and deeds. Don't do anything that makes you regret!"

He bypassed Hester and left.

Hester furrowed her eyebrows, and the warmth was still on her shoulder. Then she turned around and left with him. He deliberately rubbed her shoulder with her fingers. Did he just bump into her on purpose?

She was so concentrated that she didn't notice that Jackson had stopped and looked at her casually.

"Ah! It hurts! "

Hester slammed her head against a human wall and shouted at Hester with her forehead covered. He looked up at Hester's teasing eyes, feeling slightly dissatisfied.

"What happened? Why did you suddenly stop?"

Jackson was amused by her red cheek. He raised his hand and kissed her forehead gently. With the fingertip touching it, he had a feeling of strangeness.

"I just want to see whether you are fine or not. I don't want you to be reported by villains first. It really makes me unable to defend myself!"

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