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   Chapter 296 It Doesn't Count

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After the apology in the morning, the two had dispelled all the unhappiness last night. Hester also began to work, staring at the computer screen and checking the information carefully.

Since Jackson trusted her so much, she should also do something to repay him! Although she was not very capable at work, as long as she worked hard enough, she would be able to complete any task assigned by him.

However, in the tea room of the company, a few well-dressed women were sitting together leisurely, chatting and laughing, attracting people.

"Well! Do you know? "

As the words came out of her mouth, everyone else felt it was a smell of gossip. They were excited with eyes shining.

"Is there any news about you?" That woman said mysteriously as she touched another woman' shoulder.

"Of course! This is an exclusive news! If you tell others, I'm afraid you'll be scared to death! "

The first woman to make the first topic looked arrogant and confident in the information she got. She had a feeling that once the news was spread out, it would definitely be well known in the whole company and everyone would be interested in it.

"Come on! Tell me quickly. Don't tantalize us. "

Everyone urged him impatiently, their eyes flickering with a light of desire. She lived a monotonous life every day. Now they had one or two interesting things to kill time, and everyone was very excited.

"I heard that Mr. Jackson was dating Hester. This morning, someone bumped into him and apologized to Hester. They were chatting very happily. I guess that the misunderstanding was cleared up. They are all in a good mood, aren't you?"

"Humph! Hester is very clear. What does he like? I'm so angry. "

"Yes, you're right..."

Hester was standing at the door of the tea room, causing the blood to solidify and then stay still.

She didn't know what she had don


"Yes, Mr. Gu. I'll get ready right away!"

Everyone watched them leave, feeling uneasy for a long time. I just wanted to gossip during my break time. How unlucky I am to meet you here! 'they thought?

"What should we do? Are we going to be punished? "


Hester walked slowly in accordance with Jackson's steps. The discussions behind her naturally came to her ears. She raised her eyes confusedly and her pupils instantly dilated. She lowered her head in a hurry, pretending to walk in peace.

"Now that you have seen me, there is no need to pretend not to see me. Otherwise, it will always give me an illusion that I am trying to hide something."

Said Jackson, giving a glance at Hester. He had a headache because she was sometimes stubborn and sometimes showed weakness. What he wanted was her being stubborn, not being so weak.

Only in this way, could he achieve his goal to the full extent.

Her hands were tightly twisted together. Hester looked at the ground at a loss. I don't think it's a good idea? After all, it was better not to pour cold water on people.

"We all have so much pressure to work, and we all need to have some chatting to relax! Besides, they just discussed a little and it didn't work. "

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