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   Chapter 295 I Accept

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6360

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Hester stood at the spot at the moment when she heard the words. She didn't know how to response. She had thought a lot to deal with the things yesterday. However, with just three words, Jackson had handled the problem in such a simple and brutal way.

"Clap!" The documents in Allen's hand fell to the floor. He swallowed his saliva silently, picked up the document and continued to pretend to work hard.

What a joke! Jackson, as his senior, his evil mind was spread throughout the campus. 'I witnessed a picture of him apologizing today. Will he kill me?'?

Jackson cast a cold glance at Allen who pretended to

diligently work, then smiled slightly. The threatening words were squeezed out of his teeth.

"Assistant Allen, I have a video meeting later. Go prepare the materials! "

"Okay, Mr. Jackson! " With a sigh of relief, Allen collected all the papers on the table, stood up and left the scene.

'Mr. Jackson is such a man. Even if he is unreasonable, he can only get the apology from others. It was a rare scene today, so it was a pity that he was not on the spot.

But he couldn't help shivering at the thought of Jackson's bad temper.

"Although the play is interesting, life is the most important!"

Hester's mouth twitched, her eyes blankly staring at the back of Allen. 'Can't you keep your voice down? Didn't you see that Jackson's face was so gloomy?

Besides, I am still on the spot!' Although she didn't know what kind of person Jackson was, she could tell from Allen's expression that he was a scary man.

Hester looked at him with a dry smile. Was this company used to trap employees? As long as a superior, it seems that there was a trap!

"Haha! Assistant Allen is so humorous. "

Looking at her dry smile, which was even uglier than crying, Jackson raised his eyebrows slightly. He tightened his hands in his pockets. He took a deep breath and sm

y out of it. After all, he was too weak to be provoked easily.

"Assistant Allen..."

Hester reached out her hand in the direction of Allen, but she could only see a figure. The corner of her mouth twitched fiercely and she lowered her head indifferently.

"Just ignore him. I heard that he was chasing after Sara recently. Perhaps he was stimulated by something?"

Jackson said in a low voice, rubbing his chin. Just save a little Allen's face in front of others. Allen was good in everything except for his bad taste. Otherwise, how would he fall in love with the insane girl like Sara?

Hester nodded, an arrogant smile constantly flashing across her mind.

She sighed slightly and felt a little embarrassed. Sara's influence was so horrible!

"Ok! I will understand Assistant Allen. "

Hearing her serious tone, the corner of Jackson's mouth twitched a few times. He looked up at Hester in silence, and his temples were twitching intensely.

Rubbing his eyebrows, he looked at her and said

"Hester, I want to apologize to you. Will you accept it?"

Hester's smile faded away. She was slightly astonished. Suddenly, why she had a feeling of negotiating? What's more, Jackson was her boss. What a ridiculous feeling!

"I will, of course."

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