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   Chapter 294 I'm Sorry

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Hester's eyes were full of Terence's magnified handsome face. The visual impact made her tremble. Although they were close to each other, it was the first time for them to look at each other with affection.

Her breath gradually disordered and her heart beat faster and faster. She could clearly feel her emotional ups and downs, but there was nothing she could do.


The corners of Terence's mouth lifted slightly. He looked quite cold. His manic heart instantly returned to calm as he heard her words.

Tonight, when he couldn't contact with her, he felt helplessness and panic, which almost made him crazy. From his initial anxiety to his appearance calmness, no one could describe the changes in his heart.

Originally, he was on the edge of nervous breakdown. But looking at her innocent eyes, he still tried his best to suppress his anger.

"Hurry up. Have a rest after the meal. You need to go to work tomorrow! "

Hester felt like she was floating in the air all the tonight. Lying in the bathroom, she was submerged in the foam. Her eyes were blankly looking at the ceiling, and the smile at the corners of her mouth would never disappear.


She murmured the name in a low voice. A familiar pain came from her lower abdomen. She frowned and stroked her lower abdomen, feeling a little afraid.

"Baby, what's wrong with you?"

Her belly bulged slightly. Although it did not look very conspicuous, she could feel it as long as she touched it carefully. She gently touched her lower abdomen to try to ease this pain.

Is there something wrong with the baby? These days there had been a dull pain, and it was a tendency of aggravated. If things going like that, would her baby be dead?

She took a deep breath and tried not to be too emotional. Brother Austin told her to keep a peaceful state of mind and not to get too excited.

After bathing, Hester was lying on the bed, lying distant from Terence. She was shaking all over because of the pain. I

a cup of ginger soup ordered by Terence.

"Hester, you are a fool!"

She said gloomily and entered the company dejectedly. It was now easy for her to greet unfamiliar colleagues.

She had never been to the society before, so she would be at a loss. But Sara said that it was a show of the majority of the society. She didn't need to do much, just respond with a smile.

Therefore, she took advantage of the method taught by Sara. She passed through the large office to the location of the CEO office, took a deep breath and pushed the door in.

"Good morning!"

She bent to greet Allen. After all, apart from Jackson in the whole CEO Office, only he was at a high position. It was also Sara who taught her to greet.

Looking up at Hester from the document, Allen smiled. There was a glasses on the bridge of his nose, which made him look gentle. In fact, his way of doing things was also this way.

"Good morning!

Before Hester stopped her smile in time, she happened to bump into Jackson, face to face.

'She shouldn't be highly conceited. Here came retribution soon.'

Jackson slowly walked in and clearly saw the struggle on her face. He lifted the corners of his mouth and blinked.

He walked slowly to stand in front of her and nodded his head slightly. His height was somewhat imposing.

"I'm sorry!"

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