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   Chapter 293 Call Me

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6397

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Dragging her exhausted body back to the villa, Hester stood at the door and patted her cheek, trying to make her look healthy and rosy.

"Miss Hester, you are finally back." At the sight of Hester, Lisa heaved a sigh of relief and strode towards her.

Hester nodded to greet. Although she wasn't sure what time it was, she was a little punctual.

"I'm sorry, Lisa. I'm late,"

"Come on in."

Lisa was about to speak when a low male voice cut in. Her eyes lit up for a while, but she quickly hid her emotions. At last, she returned to her usual calm and solemn appearance.

Hester lowered her head and walked in a heavy pace, like a prisoner on the criminal ground.

'Well, Hester, if you give up, you will be able to bear it one day! Come on! You can get through this!' thought Hester.

Trying to cheer herself up, she caught a glimpse of the figure on the sofa. However, at that time, she was about to turn around and run away. This is so brutal!

If she had told Terence everything about her work, she would never see what happened today! She was regretful.

Just like telepathy, Terence sensed it, and turned. He was right at Hester's panicked eyes, and there was a hesitant look in her eyes.

He raised his arm and pointed at Hester with a smile. The deep darkness of the room was peaceful, but more shocking.

"Come here!"


Hester was at a loss for his request. But she still tamely lowered her head and sat beside him.

Hands twisted together, her brain raced. From the corner of her eye, she had noticed the big clock beside, and her heart sank.

'Oh my God! It's already this time? No wonder Terence looked so upset. I was doomed this time.'

"Are you tired?"

Suddenly, she felt a warm touch on her forehead. Even his cold voice was tinged with warmth, with a tinge of laziness, shining directly on her heart.

Hester was stiff at that moment, standin

h food. He raised his hand and touched her head gently.

Hester nodded with her heart softened. He was so gentle to her, which gave her an illusion that she had to face Brother Austin.

When did they get along with each other in this way?


On the table, Hester was holding the meal with her head bowed. Opposite her was Terence looking at her with a smile, an uneasy air filled the air.

"Terence, have you been waiting for me till now?"

With his chin resting on his long and white fingers, Terence nodded in a lazy manner. His imposing manner was unloaded, and even his unsmiling face revealed a trace of submission.

"I saw you didn't come back, and I couldn't get through to your phone, so I waited."

"Ah! Phone! " Hester looked at Terence in astonishment. She put down her chopsticks and searched for her bag hurriedly. Then she took out the phone and pressed it, but it didn't light up.

"No wonder you can't get through to my phone. It was power off. Sorry! "

"Don't mind!" Terence responded flatly, as he approached her slowly. Stopping at a place five centimeters apart from her, He was staring at Hester closely with his deep eyes.

"Promise me, if you have to overtime work like today, call me and tell me where you are, okay? "

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