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   Chapter 291 Back Off

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Hearing Hester's shocking shout, Jackson's handsome eyebrows were tightly wrinkled. Just now, he was even more irritated than before.

"Shut up!"

Hester covered her mouth and cautiously glanced at Jackson. She frowned at the painful look of him. She dared not to raise her hand to touch him for fear that her approach would cause discomfort to him.

"Mr. Jackson, are you okay? "

She asked in a low voice on purpose. After all, the man seemed very uncomfortable. According to her current situation, she was also somewhat dangerous.

Jackson's long eyelashes slightly drooped, hiding the light in his eyes. His burgundy hair stuck to his forehead as he sweated.

"I'm fine! It couldn't be better. "

He said in a stiff voice, but his anger seemed to come out of his teeth. He curled up in the chair and looked a little sad.

"Yes, yes, you are fine!"

Hester said perfunctorily, turning the steering wheel with great care. If it went on like this, something bad would happen to him!

Hester stepped on the brake hesitantly and observed his condition from time to time. She was under great pressure. If it continued to go on like this, the car accident may happen.

In a daze, when Jackson heard the door closing, he frowned tightly, but he didn't open his eyes to check. He moved his head uncomfortably. Then he closed his eyes again.

"Open your mouth! Take the medicine now. "

Hearing the sound, Jackson observed Hester with his eyes half closed. She was holding a bottle of water and medicine, also, there was a bottle of milk. Anxious but trying her best to restrain herself.

"I don't need!"

His words were as cold as ice, and he pushed her hand weakly. Leaning on the chair lazily, he covered his stomach with his hands. He was sweating all over, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Hester took a deep breath and smiled. After all, he was a patient and he should have some emotions. As a kind and generous girl, she w

ow, all her grateful minds were gone.

"Can you just drink the milk? Don't pretend to be strong since you are painful now. Otherwise, you will be the one who suffers! "

With a glimmer of strange look in his downcast eyes, Jackson clenched his hand which was placed beside him. The pain in his stomach was alleviated, but it was still unbearable.

The elders had told him not to show his fragility to others so easily since he was a child, which made him force himself to bear all kinds of pain.

It was the very first time that he was in such a difficult position today, and the main reason was Hester. He had brought her here for work. Unexpectedly, Mr. Abel was a man of bad character.

Even though Mr. Abel was stopped by him, he wouldn't give up. Instead, he even force him to drink in public. He had to be very careful when working with Mr. Abel in the future!

"Well, I know you are uncomfortable now. Drink the milk quickly!"

Hester took a deep breath, stabilized her mind, and forced down the dissatisfaction in her heart. She wasn't a person who would take revenge on others who had helped her, so she wouldn't take advantage of others' perilous situation.

"Huh!" Jackson looked at the milk in Hester's hand coldly. Because of his push before, the milk was sprayed.

"Back off!"

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