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   Chapter 289 Get Drunk

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Looking at him with a pale face, Hester couldn't speak a word. 'Doesn't he know the language? Or he couldn't think it through? Otherwise, he wouldn't have said that.

"Mr. Abel..."

"Mr. Abel, you must have misunderstood something. There is no hidden rule in our company about this industry. As for Miss Hester, she is my personal secretary. I thought Mr. Abel is drunk, so you spoke without careful diction. I'll pretend I've never heard of this.

Of course, if I hear some bad remarks when we cooperate next time, I think there is no need for us to continue the talk. "

Jackson's cold voice covered Hester's soft voice. Then she was pulled away from Mr. Abel. The faint mint fragrance filled the air around her nose made her sober up a lot.

Jackson narrowed his eyes, giving off a dangerous aura. The corners of his mouth rose out of habit, but in every part, there was a trace of weirdness.

Mr. Abel felt a fit of tingle in his back. His eyes wandered between Hester and Jackson, and he smiled. He picked up a glass of wine on the table and raised it at Hester.

"Miss Hester, I'm so sorry! I'm drunk and I might have lost my mind. Please don't blame me. I'd like to propose a toast to you. I hope you can forget about this incident. Let's move on! "

Looking at the glass of wine, Hester rubbed her abdomen anxiously. As she was pregnant, alcohol was harmful to her body, so she couldn't touch even a drop of it.

But in the current situation, it seemed that it was not appropriate for her to refuse to drink it.

Her hands were shaking like jelly as she reached out for the glass. However, someone took it before her. Jackson looked at Mr. Abel with even more fascinating smile.

"I'm so sorry! She can't drink. I've brought her this glass of wine. Let's toast! "

Then he raised his head and gulped down the wine. His movements were so smooth that he didn't even stop.

Looking at his action, Mr. Abel was sweating, then gave a sly smile. He knew it! When they first came in, he was still puzzled about the strange atmosphere around t

changed his attitude quickly, casting him a glance of disgust. It was all his disgusting lust. He shouldn't have said that kind of formal words. It was really annoying.

She took a deep breath and looked at Mr. Abel indifferently. She carefully held Jackson with her hand and nodded slightly.

"Mr. Abel, since you attach so much importance to the cooperation with our company, I think Mr. Jackson will take time to talk about the details with you again. It's getting late, so we should be here. We are leaving now. "

Forcing herself to be calm, Hester walked out of the box, and then exhaled a mouthful of turbid air. She walked slowly away with Jackson. Until now, her heart could not calm down. It was a tit for tat experience that she had never experienced.

Fortunately, she had seen the fierce looks of Yam and Melody. Even if she was not good at lying, she could learn something from them, which was enough to frighten people.

"Mr. Jackson, slow down. Don't fall down! "

Hester cautiously held Jackson and mumbled. She could only support him walking. If he fell down, she would be powerless.

Jackson loosened his tie impatiently, then loosened Hester's shoulder. As if he was not the one who had been drunk and lying on the table before. He stood straight at the side and looked at Hester with a complicated gaze.

"Miss Hester, I'm really impressed!"

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