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   Chapter 284 Irreconcilable Enemies

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Terence's eyes twinkled and his hands clenched into fists. The blue veins stood out on the back of his hands. He looked at Hester calmly. His breath returned to normal in the blink of an eye.

"Okay, as you like."

He looked at Hester with his gentle and lovingly eyes. He raised his hand to tuck her hair behind her ears.

"But you have to remember to take good care of yourself. Work is no better than home and people will suffer from some injustice. But all these were temporary and would pass soon.

When you get used to it, you won't work so hard. "

Hester was moved and wanted to cry. It was the first time he spoke to her in such a gentle tone, but it went through her heart directly.

"I know. Don't worry!"

If she told him that she was designated to be a secretary, he would be very angry because of his domineering personality? But it was her job, and there was no possibility of resistance. It really put her in a difficult situation.

Noticing that she was distracted, Terence frowned slightly. He squeezed his hand. Looking at her confused look, he felt really funny.

With her simple character, it was hard to guarantee that she wouldn't be wronged at work. Moreover, her stubborn nature really gave him a headache.

Maybe only when she was with him could he feel at ease! But if he did that, she would be unhappy. That's really confused.

"Don't forget the intrigues and cheats in the workplace! If you have any trouble, you can come to me. Don't keep it to yourself. Understand? "

Hester nodded resignedly, listening the words of him. It seemed that he was coaxing a child. She couldn't help smiling. In such a loving and mild atmosphere, she felt a little dizzy, which made her seem to be rather enjoyable and greedy.


Terence sighed softly. He hadn't seen her to be so well behaved for a long time. But he was not entirely convinced by her word

ally abandoned, to keep her only dignity.

But now? What should she do? In the face of such a gentle Terence, she would always fall into conflicts and unable to extricate herself. How could she keep the poor dignity for herself?

On the other side, a group of nurses gathered at the door of the VIP ward of the hospital. In the ward, the noise of colliding was faintly mixed with the roar of a woman.

"Matron, Miss Melody has not fully recovered. Can she bear such a disturbance? "

A nurse asked cautiously. She was very worried. If something bad happened to Miss Melody, they would lose their jobs!

"Okay, okay. Just go everybody! Don't stay here. Many patients need us to take care of. Don't worry about it. "

The head nurse's eyesight coolly floated through everyone on the spot and impatiently waved her hand, signaling them to leave. Even if she was worried, she had to keep the order!

"Ah!" A shrill voice sounded, Melody swept all the movement on the table to the ground. She tightened her hand and her eyes turned red.

The floor was a mess, and the patient's bed was also a mess. Dressed in hospital uniform, Melody sat there with her head bowed, her chest heaving violently.

"Hester, I will be at daggers drawn with you all my life!"

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