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   Chapter 283 I'm Fine Now

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6158

Updated: 2020-03-20 00:12

Hester's body was stunned at a loss, not at all relieved. Even in the darkness, she could clearly feel his desire.

The first thought in her mind was "no". She is pregnant now and the fetus position is not stable, so she needs to be more careful.

"I'm tired."

Upon hearing this, Terence smiled and thought that she refused because she was shy. Tightening his grip, the feeling of touch her made him shudder.

There was a faint flame in his eyes and it went irreversible. His breath became heavy, and the air he spat out almost hot.

"Ok! You sleep first! "

'Damn!' Taking a deep breath, Terence felt like his whole body was on fire. He had been abstinent for a long time, was he already irresistible?

"No way!"

Hester calmed herself down. She grabbed Terence's arm tightly to prevent his following action.

She frowned and avoided eye contact with him.

"It's not convenient for me today!"

Terence's mind went blank. After a brief moment of silence, he sighed softly. His hands kept on gesture of invasion, but froze in midair. His eyes were flickering with two flames, which were blazing.

"You can go to sleep if you are tired. Just ignore me!"

The corners of Hester's mouth twitched hard. She no longer knew how to express her feelings.

'I don't need to pay attention to you? You were not obedient when I was sleeping. How could I fall asleep?'

Fortunately, the environment was dark. Otherwise, her embarrassment would be exposed in front of him.

"I'm not tired. I'm having my period."

Feeling cold water poured down from his head. Terence's heart incredibly cold. He laid a stiff hand on her waist, took a deep breath and steadied himself.

Hester observed his face cautiously. Though she couldn't see his expression, she was accustomed to do so.

She put her hands on her lower abd

as very tight.

"How's your work going? Are you tired? "

Hester's mind went blank at this moment. Why did he suddenly refer to the work?

With her eyelids flickering, Hester nodded calmly. There was always a voice in her heart asking her not to talk about Jackson. She took a deep breath and then slowly said

"All my colleagues are friendly to me. Maybe because I have just started working there, so the work was a little hard to deal with. But fortunately, everything is slowly getting on the right track! "

Terence lowered his hand and played with her fingers. Hester's tender hands were very clear and smooth, but there were very few calluses on them, which were left by her for the daily life and trifles that she had taken care of for him all these years.

Somehow, he felt moved and satisfied. Being surrounded by this kind of feeling, he was a little drunk.

"Do you want to work in Qi group?"

"No, I'll be uncomfortable there!" Hester refused at once. She didn't want to leave her embarrassing look in front of him, as it was his world.

She would always remember how embarrassed she was on her first day of work. Although she had the help of Sara, she had also suffered a lot.

"I'm fine now!"

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