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   Chapter 281 Because Of You

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Hester's words choked Terence. His face darkened as he felt sorry for her.

How could she think of that place?

Gaining no answer, Hester's head raised slowly. Looking into his dark eyes, Hester felt that she was about to sink into them.

Was it because she guessed it right, so he showed such an expression? She wanted to move her eyes, but found that her body was out of control. She could only look at him quietly.


With a resigned look in his eyes, Terence sighed softly. He raised his hand and touched her head dotingly. The soft touch made his heart stop for a second.

How could he let her go for she had been like this? She was always so careful and considerate, which made him softhearted.

"How could you think of that? But I know you will think like that, so normal! "

Hester looked at Terence with astonishment, her eyes wide open. She clenched her hand into a fist, which was a little cyan, and sat aside, stiff.

What? How could he say that? And, how could it be normal?


Being pleased by her expression, Terence's cold face showed a sense of gentleness. He put forth strength to hold her in his arms. The feeling of holding Hester was so comfortable. He closed his eyes with satisfaction.

Well, if she hadn't appeared in his life, his life would look as if he had lost all his colors. He could smell her scent from her and slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

"I think the word dummy is specially customized for you!"

His gentle voice was doting, almost drowning people in love.

Hester nestled in his arms, her heart trembling violently. Listening to his steady heartbeat, she felt so ashamed.

Why was her heart beating so fast? Did he hear it? Compared with his calmness, she was really embarrassed.

"I'm not a dummy."

She responded in a soft but weak voice.

up a little and held Hester in his arms. He couldn't help smiling.

"You just need to stay with me and leave everything behind!"

He said in an indifferent voice with irresistible overbearing power. Hearing the voice, Hester's face was unpredictable. Her nails were piercing into her palms, which brought her a sense of numbness and pain, and she felt her nerves painful.

'Hester, wake up. You shouldn't be distracted by these matters. You suffered so much. Do you still want to taste the feeling of your wish falling down?'

After struggling for a long time, she timidly reached out and put her hands on his body. Being closed to his body, she enjoyed this greedily.


Hester replied in a low voice and lied in Terence's arms, feeling at ease.

"Do you really believe that I won't do that kind of thing?"

With his forehead throbbing fast, Terence's eyelashes quivering, he slowly opened his eyes. His hand tightened slightly but he was afraid of hurting Hester, so he make the relaxing action repeatedly in a somewhat contradictory way.

How many injuries did she have to suffer to be so cautious like this? He had expressed himself for many times. Why couldn't she believe him?

"Because it was you!"

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