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   Chapter 278 Past

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Melody shook her body a little and soon became steady. Shocked, she looked at Terence. What did he mean by that? 'Don't think too much? But you have gone this far. How can I stop thinking?'

"Why? Why do you want me to move out? "

Facing Melody's hysteria, Terence appeared too calm. He stared at her, his eyes devoid of any emotion. But Melody felt that he could see through her mind.

His long eyelashes quivered, and after a moment of silence, he slowly opened his mouth

"Melody, you need to have a good rest now. You shouldn't be emotionally unstable. Besides, the relationship between you and Hester is very stiff now. If you go back, you will only cause yourself trouble. "

"Huh! So, you do everything for me? " Angry as she was, Melody laughed and stared at Terence with sarcasm. She clenched her hands and her nails were embedded in her palms.

It was so condescending. Wasn't it the purpose of him to protect Hester at least? Her face was fierce and furious, and the anger in her heart was uncontrollable.

"You just want to protect Hester, right? Or you don't believe me? "

The words Hester terrified the air. Even though Terence was expressionless, he couldn't hide his true feelings.

"Melody, heaven is watching. If you don't want people know what you have done, you shouldn't have done it! "

Stunned, Melody stared at Terence and felt nervous. What did he mean? Why did he say that? Does he know something?

She tightened her grip, feeling a little scared. It's impossible! She is so careful and considerate that there must be no evidence left. Was Hester said something to Terence so he was like this?

"Terence, did Hester say something that made you misunderstand me?"

A strange look flashed across Terence's eyes and his brows knitted sligh

tle heavy.

At that time, she liked everything beautiful with wide-eyed innocence. She was like a sunshine, shinning into people's heart and dispelling all the darkness.

But now? Though he had sharp eyes, he couldn't see through her. She was so strange to him that he could only feel darkness, no warmth.

"It's just a matter of fact. You don't have to bring the past up. We have grown up. We can't be so childish.

Besides, let bygones be bygones! It doesn't make any sense to mention them again. They are just getting into each other's trouble. "

"Make trouble?"

Melody murmured with a pale face. She staggered and fell on the bed finally. She looked at Terence with a painful look and felt extremely uneasy.

It's impossible! 'Terence must know something. Otherwise, he wouldn't be so indifferent to me, ' thought Melody. She had done a lot for Terence. As for his temper, his guilt towards her almost drowned him to death. How could he remain so indifferent?

"Do you really think our love is so cheap to you? You were all my good memories. How could it fade away with a word? Even if you can forget them, but I can't!

It's in my heart, and I'll never forget it! "

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