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   Chapter 277 Please Move Out

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After hearing the satisfactory reply, Melody nodded slightly. She tightened her cape to her shoulders. When she glanced at the air-conditioner which was on, there was a glimpse of complex in her eyes.

"Okay! I will go back first to wait for your news. Go ahead with your work. Bye! "

What mattered most was to get her out of the hospital. As for other things, she didn't care at all.

"Okay. Miss Melody, please be careful! Please don't have any accident! " Seeing that Melody was leaving, Dr. Wang put on a flattering smile on his face quickly.

"Now that you are in hospital and you need to be taken care of, please do tell me your condition at any time! I'm so worried about you! "

Melody listened to Dr. Wang's cry calmly and looked around thoughtfully. She looked up at his eyes with disdain.

"Don't worry, Dr. Wang! I'm in good health, and I'm fine for the time being! I was so bored that I came here to ask for your help. Would you like to make an exception for me? "

If it was not because she wanted to leave the hospital, how could she do such a stupid thing here!

Hearing this, Dr. Wang hastily searched the information online. With one finger swiping, the message on the screen flashed by.

"Miss Melody, I have been checking the information of your body condition during this month. I think you'd better take good care of yourself in the hospital. Of course, you can also go back if you want, which is just a little troublesome! "

Melody smiled and bowed to Dr. Wang. Anyhow, she must be discharged from the hospital. Otherwise, the result of her hard work would be changed differently.

"Thank you, Dr. Wang. Please help me to discharge from the hospital as soon as possible. "

Coming out of the office, Melody raised her chin proudly and walked away slowly. She believed that everything would be figured out very soon as long as she made a

and put a key ring on the table.

He went back and thought for a long time. If what those hooligans said were true, she and Hester would never be able to stay together anymore. Otherwise, it would cause great trouble sooner or later.

Recently, he deliberately avoided meeting Melody because he didn't know how to face her. Meanwhile, he was thinking about the solution to make things better.

"No matter whether it is Hester's fault or not, you can't stay under the same roof anymore. In case things get worse in the future, you'd better move out! "

Melody felt a little dizzy. She could hear clearly that the voice of Terence beside her was trembling.

He was obviously partial to Hester. Why? Obviously she was his wife, wasn't she? Didn't he think that his behavior was upside down?

"Terence, I am your rightful wife! If someone really need to move out, that person should not be me!

Besides, I'm in poor health. Are you sure you want to see me move out? "

Terence stared at Melody indifferently. His eyes showed no emotion. On the contrary, there was a hint of complex.

"The house is in the center of the city and is fully equipped. Don't think too much. I just want to create a good environment for you, so please move out! "

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