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   Chapter 276 Discharging From Hospital

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Lisa stopped a while, then poured the chicken soup into the bowl with feigned indifference. She was familiar with Melody's unruly and overbearing personality.

She had heard such words countless times. It's a pity that she was the housekeeper arranged by Mrs. Qi when she was alive, and only Mr. Terence could fire her.

"Madam, have some soup first!"

Melody frowned and stared at Lisa with a vicious look in her eyes, which finally faded away. Every time Lisa's response gave her a sense of punching a cotton, she totally got tired of it.

She even started to doubt Lisa's identity. When she snapped with an indifferent look on her face, Melody just wanted to gnash her teeth with hatred.

"No way! Throw them away! "

She was so annoyed that she knocked the bowl of chicken soup to the ground, with her chest heaving violently. Things were not going well recently, and she was unable to get rid of the baby. Terence hadn't been here for a long time. Was there something wrong with it?

She was at hospital now, so Hester and Terence were left in the villa. Thinking of this, Melody tightened her hands. She had a bad feeling and got flustered.

When she looked up at Lisa who squatted on the floor to gather up the pieces of broken bowl, she lifted the corners of her mouth and smiled gently.

"Lisa, I haven't seen Terence recently. What happened to his company? "

"I don't know. Mr. Terence doesn't like others to interfere in his matter. As a servant, I will naturally pay special attention to the masters' likes and dislikes, and will not cross them. "

Lisa squatted on the ground quietly, picked up the debris and threw them into the trash can. Then she stood up slowly and faced Melody.

Being thrown back gently by her words, Melody was irritated and her face changed instantly. She took a deep breath and tried to control her temper.

She was in hospital and had no idea about the condition of the family. Now that Lisa was the only one who was willing to tell her the truth, she was trying to get some useful information from her!

"I don't ask yo

e kidding, Dr. Wang. I have nothing to do but stay in the hospital for a long time and it's stuffy. So I just come to ask, can I leave the hospital in such a condition? "

Dr. Wang's smile froze as he got nervous. 'Is it because of my poor service that Miss Melody is in a hurry to leave the hospital? '

"Miss Melody, if you think my treatment is not effective enough, you can tell me directly. But you haven't recovered yet. If you force yourself to leave the hospital, the dean will accuse me of being a bad doctor and make you lose your patience. "

Melody raised her hand to flick a wisp of hair around her ear, looked relaxed. Even without any make-up, her skin was delicate and soft, showing a kind and charming.

"You misunderstood me, Dr. Wang. I just feel bored in the hospital, so I come to ask you if

I can leave the hospital in advance.

I also feel that my body is getting better than before, and it is the same for me to recuperate at home. "

"Now that you said so, I can't find excuse." Dr. Wang responded with an awkward smile, lifting his glasses.

If it was for personal reasons, he wouldn't have any responsibility, which made the worry in his heart relieved.

"How about this! I'll check on you later. If everything goes well, you can leave the hospital tomorrow. Oh, after you go back, you must pay attention to your diet, and do not leave any sequela! "

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