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   Chapter 275 Dismissal

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Manager Jonny looked at Hester helplessly and tightened his hand. He told himself over and over again not to lose his temper.

"Didn't Mr. Jackson tell you? "

Hester was disturbed by the words. Manager Jonny had always been a proud man. How could he easily talk to an ordinary worker like her? She believed what he said was true!

"Manager Jonny, what does Mr. Jackson want to talk to me? "

Manager Jonny waved his hand impatiently. Looking at Hester, he was a little surprised. She was not so beautiful. Why did Mr. Jackson have a crush on her?

"Never mind. I just tell you the work you should do. From now on, you are Mr. Jackson's full-time secretary. The HR department has transferred your information, and you can go straight to report later. "

He lifted his wrist and looked at his watch. The crease between his eyebrows was getting deeper and deeper.

"What time is it now? Why don't you hurry up?"

Hester looked at the position of the CEO office hesitantly. She was unable to move at all as if her feet were weighed at least a thousand pounds. She had made it clear yesterday that she wanted Mr. Jackson to think it over. How did it turn out to be like this?

Manager Jonny looked at her, a thought came into his mind. He raised his hand and patted her shoulder kindly. There was a smile on his poker face before.

"Hester! Since Mr. Jackson thinks highly of you, then you have to do well. You shouldn't fail his trust in you! It's getting late. You should go now! "

Under Manager Jonny's words with all his heart and soul, Hester struggling to move. She stared at the CEO office and felt her body burning.

She walked slowly in public. Under the watchful eyes of the public, she felt burning anxiety and bitterness. She was just a green hand in the workplace, a nobody. Why was the plot different from what she expected?

Regardless of her reluctance, Hester stood in front of Allen with a box in her arms, Her nails ripped the edges of the carton and she felt nervous.

It was the central position of a company, and she, a transparent worker, ho

ed to him? "

Since the things she had gone through, she became more sensitive. In addition, the pregnant woman's mood was unstable, so her temper became more irritable.

When she didn't see Terence, she would be flurried, but seeing him, she would become more anxious. There was no way to solve the problem of the baby. Should she really give birth to the child? It would be fine if he took after her. But what if he took after his father?

"Madam, I have brought you the chicken soup today. Please drink it while it is still hot!" Lisa stated calmly as she pushed the door open and saw Melody's angry face.

She had already known the true features of Melody, so she could be expressionless. But, when will Mr. Terence see this woman's ugly face?

Melody threw a glance at the greasy chicken soup. Then she suddenly felt sick, covering her mouth with her hand. She beckoned Lisa to get rid of it.

"Get off me! The smell is so disgusting. I won't drink it! "

Lisa didn't know what to do. 'Melody almost had a miscarriage. Now she is in her weakest condition. How can she refuse to drink?' she thought with a troubled expression.

"Take it away!" Melody frowned at Lisa, feeling a surge of anger rose in her heart. Since Terence didn't come, this was her place and she couldn't tolerate any resistance.

"Besides, if you don't listen to me in the future, I will fire you! "

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