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   Chapter 274 Where's Work Station

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Having no alternative, Hester had been dragged into the company by Sara. She stood there indifferently and looked steadily forward, paying no attention to the person who was agitated.

"Miss Hester, I have thought about your advice yesterday carefully."

Looking at Hester's angry look, Jackson lowered his eyes and smiled. He put his hands in the pockets, and his wine red hair shone with a tinge of red light.

Just a simple word drew Hester's attention. Her eyes, which had been dim, became clear in an instant. She looked at him with expectation.

Did he seriously consider her suggestion and think that she was not suitable for the secretary position?

"So... What's your opinion on earth, Mr. Jackson? "

Jackson looked at Hester with a teasing smile. Seeing her in the early morning, Jackson thought it was fun to play with her.

"You'll know in a minute."

Then, he stepped into the exclusive elevator. Under Hester's gloomy stare, he raised his eyebrows in a good mood. The elevator door slowly closed, separating the two from each other.

"Mr. Jackson, the schedule for today's morning has been arranged. What else do you want to say? "

Allen Wang was very surprised to see that a smile was put on Jackson's face. It is well known that Mr. Jackson is famous for being moody, and he has long been used to it.

But Jackson's gentle smile was really different from his cold appearance.

Hearing the assistant's words, Jackson took a deep breath. In the blink of an eye, he looked like a completely different person. The man was giving off a dangerous aura, as if he was sweeping over the world.

Even with a feminine appearance, it couldn't avoid his

hegemony at all.

"You must deal with things well as I told you yesterday!"

Allen stood with his head down, looked seriously. "Yes, Mr. Jackson! "

On the other side, Hester took a deep breath and gripped her hands tightly. 'Fine, if he didn't want to tell me, just not keep me in suspense. I don't want to waste my time.' she thought. She loo

till standing here! Pack up your things and go to your own station. Don't waste your time! "

Hester looked at Manager Jonny in astonishment, unable to believe her ears. Was Manager Jonny just say pack up? Could it be that she could finally return to her seat and didn't need to suffer here?

Hester was in a good mood at the thought.

"Yes, sir. I'll be ready in a minute!"

While saying that, she swept her stuff into the suitcase in a hurry. Hester was excited, noting that she was about to leave the place.

After a while, Hester held the box with a faint smile on her face. She nodded to Manager Jonny, in a neither humble nor pushy manner.

"Manager Jonny, I have to go now. Goodbye! "

Hester said and was going to leave at once. She thought of Sara's bright laughter, which would always bring people endless joy.

Looking at Hester's back, Manager Jonny's mouth twitched violently. He took a deep breath and managed to suppress his anger.

"Where are you going?"

"My seat before?" Hester turned around and looked at Manager Jonny with a puzzled look.

"Your seat should be there. Come on. Do you have to let Mr. Jackson wait for you? " Taking a deep breath, Manager Jonny looked a little ferocious with his fat face.

"Where is my seat?" Hester was a little restless. She tightened her grip on the box, feeling very nervous.

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