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   Chapter 273 Annoyed

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Hester's face turned red, but she decided not to argue

with Jackson. He was an adult, but some of his actions were inexplicably childish.

"Then I'll leave you alone, Mr. Jackson. "

Hester was dejected when she walked out of the office with a stack of notes. It was the first day that she was transferred to the new department. She couldn't believe that such a bad thing happened to her. What should she do in the future?

Thinking of this, she was in a very bad mood! Most importantly, the atmosphere was so depressing that it was hard for her to breathe.

"Hester, do you need my help?"

Hester looked up at the person standing in front of her in confusion. She just left for a while. Why did she feel something different suddenly?

"No! Thank you! I can do it myself! "

Although she was surprised, she still waved her arms and refused help.

The person's face stiffened for a moment, but quickly recovered. She shrugged her shoulders to show that there was nothing she could do.

"Okay! If you really don't have time, you can call me. "

"Humph! Don't you feel ashamed to be flattered? " A woman beside them was refining her make-up with some powders. She gave a supercilious look at them and said with satire.

Hester sat on a chair, feeling embarrassed. She glanced at the person's flushed face and frowned.

She knew that things were not that simple, but she still wanted to protect that person.

"So what? It's better than you try to use secret tricks. At least, I am above board. "

Before Hester opened her mouth, that person had recovered and answered in an indifferent way as usual.

Hester wouldn't be able to cut in any word as the two had been quarreling. Sighing helplessly, she continued to prepare documents.

Everyone in this big office was seeing this farce, and it was a little bit abrupt for her to persuade them to stop quarreling. She looked through the material in a heavy mood, and threw the

r forehead remorsefully. She wanted to stay at home all the time and had no courage to enter the company again. In a haze, she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The next day, Hester held her bag tightly, looking at the company building, and her heart was sad. She said she shouldn't have come. It was all because of that goddamn biological clock that she didn't even have the excuse to sleep late.

Every morning, she woke up on time, had breakfast and then went to work. Just in a systematic way.

"Hester, why don't you stand here? You'll be late. Hurry up!"

Sara rushed towards the company and happened to glance at Hester, who was in a daze. She reached out and held Hester in her arms, looking at her with regret.

She was almost exhausted and could barely make it to work. How come Hester still had time to stare at the building? She couldn't bear to being compared to this cruel reality.

Hester cautiously squatted down to balance herself. She always remembers the child in her belly, and can't make any mistake!

"I've just arrived! The premise is that I will not be overwhelmed by you like this! "

Sara looked at Hester helplessly, her temple aching. When would this little girl have a mindful look?

"Well, don't be absent-minded anymore. You are going to be late."

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