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   Chapter 272 Have A Bad Eyesight

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Terence bent down to play with Lemon. It was in strong condition over a short period of time. If things went on like this, it would soon close the shape of an adult dog.

His slender fingers were shuttling through its golden hair, with a kind of unspeakable beauty.

Hester was chagrined, holding the chopsticks in her hand. Why did she say that on the spur of the moment? The atmosphere was so embarrassed that she almost went crazy.

"Let's eat! Don't be bothered with work. Have a good rest tonight. If it is the problem on relationship, you don't have to be bothered too much. Everything will go well with the flow of your life!

In order to survive in this society, the first thing you need to learn was to deal with the relationship. You still have a lot of time. Don't worry. Take it easy! "

After finishing these words, Terence turned around and went upstairs, leaving Lemon tilted to one side, looking at Hester with its watery eyes.

Hester said with a sigh, raising her hand to gesture to object Lemon. She was pregnant now, so she couldn't be too close to the dog. What if she didn't pay attention to it, it would pounce on her. In order to avoid this occasion, she thought it would be better to keep a distance from it.

"No way! Lisa will arrange everything for you. Don't worry! I'm too tired from work today. I'll go to my room and have a rest first. "

After their both left, there was only a golden hair dog left in the dining room. It was looking at Hester's back with its head tilted to one side. It was at a loss and sobbed. But it didn't go ahead to badger with Hester.

The next day, Hester came to the company. Looking at the messy situation on the table, she felt sad. She was tidy up the desk yesterday. How did it become like this today?

Taking a deep breath, she felt furious. She had spent a lot of time and energy on it. She admitted that she was a little angry when it was destroyed like this.

"Who did it? I hope she can stand out and confront me openly and straightforwardly, instead of ac


"Bring it in!"

Jackson said determinedly then hung up the phone. Gently touching the chair with his fingers and looked out of the window, no one knew what Jackson was thinking.

When Hester had entered with the notes, she only saw this scene. She couldn't help trembling. If Mr. Jackson was angry, would she be fired?

Compared to Hester's fear, Jackson was very calm, and he was famous for his calmness. His fingers rubbed and turned into beating, and each striking seemed to hit Hester's heart.

"What happened?"

Hester put the paper box on the table, listlessly lowering her head. Seeing this, Terence smiled, but somewhat mischievous.

"I accidentally fell it into the paper scraper when I went to copy it."

Hearing this explanation, the corners of Jackson's mouth twitched violently. He looked at Hester without any expression. There was a complex emotions flashed through his eyes and returned to peace after a moment.

"I can't believe that you're not only lack of confidence, but also have such poor eyesight!"

"You..." Looking up at Jackson's teasing face, Hester's face flashed with anger. She didn't know why everything would become like this, but he just took the opportunity to mock her.

"I just sneezed and didn't see clearly!"

"Fine. I will let it go. You can go back and prepare again. These things are necessary. "

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