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   Chapter 270 Promotion

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Manager Jonny was surprised and flattered to receive the VIP card from Jackson. It was said that the master of the Gu family was moody and cruel. Now when he saw Jackson in person, he

wondered: ' maybe the rumor was a bit unrealistic?'

"That's so kind of you. Thank you so much, Mr. Jackson. Please rest assured, from now on, I will order my people to keep quiet, and will never disturb you. "

"I'm afraid I still need some time to read these materials. Manager Jonny, if you have something to deal with, just go ahead! "

A trace of impatience flashed across Jackson's eyes. He had said a lot today. His temper had reached its limit. He didn't have much patience about things that he wasn't interested in, which made him even more disgusted.

Manager Jonny's smile froze on his face, but he immediately returned to normal. This was the god of wealth of the company. He must take good care of Jackson! Although he had managed the company bigger than before, few people showed respect to him.

But after all, it was just a small company and couldn't be compared with those well-known companies. But he still had a long way of wealth to go as long as he could catch Jackson this god of wealth.

"Now that you are busy, Mr. Jackson, I'll go out first. "

Ignoring Manager Jonny, Jackson lowered his head and continued with his work. He opened the information of Hester's and checked it with direct aim.

Reading through her information seriously, Jackson showed a playful expression. Even if he had known everything about Hester, he was still looking at it in detail.


Jackson called out this name, smiling.

Hester, who was working, sneezed at sudden. She rubbed her nose and wondered what had happened to her. Why she sneezed all of a sudden?

Hester murmured: "Do I have a cold? "

"In my opinion, you totally desire for love!"

Sara raised her head to hear Hester's words, and qui

ng her beautiful nails, and ridiculed Hester without mercy.

She was much more beautiful than Hester with plain stature. Why did Mr. Jackson have a crush on her? Damn it!

"Exactly! She always pretend to be pure but actually have dirty intentions! "

Since a colleague had complained, someone had responded. The person sitting beside her said in a strange tone. The two people were echoing each other.

"Some people just want sour grapes. Hester, don't pay attention to them, or else you will lower your status! "

Sara comforted, holding Hester's arm, as she stared at the two women with heavy make-up. Hester was a woman who was easy to be bullied. It's

difficult in counting on herself to fight back, just like waiting for the sun to rise from the West!

But for Sara, she couldn't bear others to taunt her friend like that, so she rushed out first.

"Well, Hester's promotion is a very happy thing. Don't worry about it for the sake of unworthy people and things, Sara. "

A man came out and asked Sara not to make a scene.

"Hester, Congratulations!"

"Yes! Since you're promoted, why not treat us a meal? "

Hester finally left the noisy office. She stood at the door of the manager's office with her things, took a deep breath, and pushed the door in.

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