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   Chapter 269 The Mysterious Boss

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Standing close to Hester, Sara ruthlessly rolled her eyes at her words. She gave Hester a middle finger behind the manager's back, and her face gradually became ferocious.

"Hester, you are like a human from the ancient times. You don't have any desire to compete at all! However, seeing your silly appearance, I think this shortcoming became your advantage! You can't win those sophisticated men. "

Hester, who had been viciously pointed at secretively, looking at Sara with indifference. Should she thank Sara for her praise? Or should she punch her in the face without mercy?

"I think I need to make some activities now, and then you can just keep your mouth shut!"

"What are you two doing? Don't shame our department. Our CEO is coming soon and you are still so naughty! "

Just when the two people were laughing and teasing each other, the manager's eyes squinted dangerously and looked at them gloomily, regretting that their behavior didn't solemn as he expected.

This was the first time that the CEO came to the company. He must work hard to get a promotion and raise his salary.

Hester replied, withdrawing her gaze and looking at the ground. She had a calm attitude and knew she had made a mistake, so she didn't want to explain at all. It was not easy for her to get this job done. She wouldn't make any trouble!

"I'm sorry, manager. We will definitely keep our nose clean and won't cause any trouble to you. "

Looking at Hester's serious look, the manager's face softened. He nodded with satisfaction and didn't plan to argue with them.

The most important thing for him now was to wait for the CEO to come, and then flatter this person, and then the money would be transferred.

"All right, everyone! Cheer up! Don't make any mistakes!"

After the manager left, everyone was relieved. Lazily sitting on their own seat, they talked about their daily lives, of course their topic also depended on the mysterious boss behind the scene.

Due to manager's blame, Hester seated in her seat with exhausted expression. She clenched her fists. She had a bad fee

with a smile, which looked very funny.

Jackson raised his hand to cover his mouth and yawned, without looking at him again. It annoyed him to be surrounded by these kinds of people every day.


He responded indifferently. He had no mood to talk with Manager Jonny. If Hester was not working here, how would he waste his time?

Every day, there would be a lot of contracts need his signing, so that he had no energy to deal with these kinds of people.

Thinking of the bad look on Jackson's face, Manager Jonny hurriedly opened the office door with the material in his hand. He took a deep breath to calm himself down before he walked inside slowly.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting,"

Manager Jonny looked at Jackson with a smile, full of caution and compliment. His chest still heaved violently and he breathed heavily. He put the documents on the desk respectfully and pushed them in front of Jackson.

"Here are the profiles of all employees. Please have a look."

"Manager Jonny, thanks for your hard work."

Jackson raised his head and slightly narrowed his attractive eyes. His lean figure slowly straightened up, and he quietly looked at Manager Jonny who was out of breath.

"Manager Jonny seems to be lack of exercise recently. Here is a VIP card of the gym. Please do more exercise! By the way, I like a place of quiet retreat. Please keep quiet! "

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