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   Chapter 266 Offer

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 7042

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A soft and smiling voice broke the awkwardness. Hester was stunned and her face gradually turned red, finally turning to the same color as an apple.

She took a deep breath, turned over the book and pretended to read it carefully without any pause, as if what had happened just now was just an illusion.

Terence took a sip of the chicken soup. His mouth was filled with familiar taste, but he didn't feel greasy at all. He didn't know how many times he could drink since what happened yesterday.

Seeing Hester acted as if nothing had happened, his eyes were lit up with sadness. Just now, he just felt bored and wanted to make fun of her.

But to his surprise, Hester just reverse the book without responding him. Looking at the reverse characters on the book, he got a bit angry.

Then he looked down and put down the chicken soup. He stood there, arms crossed. His face was gloomy, as if no one could be allowed to have a conversation with him.

"Hester, is there anything troubling you?"

"Of course not!" Hester answered without hesitation, her eyes moving back and forth in fear. Fortunately, she was holding a book in her hand, which blocked her face.

After she talked with Austin on the phone yesterday, she thought about it all night, and now she felt that she needed to think about herself. She didn't want to rely on Terence so much when she was around him in such an intimate way.

"Really?" Terence was furious but laughed. He stared at Hester with a grave look, and veins stood out on his forehead with his hand tightened. There was a hint of helplessness in his tone.

Their relationship was fragile, which could not bear any disturbance. Even if he had now seen through everything, he could not be frank to her.

"Hester, if you have any idea, you can say it!"

Hester was stunned and grabbed the book, trying to suppress her feelings. She must hold back, and make sure everything went well.

"Have a good rest. I'm not feeling well, so I'll go back first."

When she looked up at Terence's leisurely eyes, she was shocked and left the ward in a hurry afte

s alive, she owned her a fancy store. All the new styles for every season would be sent to her wardrobe.

Although the wardrobe were full of certain luxury brands, there were nothing she could choose for interview.

"If buying clothes now, time won't be enough. What should I do?"

After dressing up, Hester set off The taxi stopped steadily at the destination and she got out of it. She wore a dark and serious suit which she got from Lisa.

The clothes cloaked her and looked chubby. Although it looked a little weird, it was better than the clothes that she wore by famous brands. She took a few deep breaths before she walked into the company with expectation.

The interview went very well. The chief examiner just asked her a few simple questions and told her she was enrolled. They also asked her when she could come to work and they would arrange work space for her.

"Have I been admitted? Don't I need to participate in a review? " Hester looked at the chief examiner in disbelief, excited, not knowing what to say.

She had been recruited in less than half an hour since she entered the company and the time she was finding a way to the office. For her, who had never been to work, it was simply a surprise.

The chief examiner explained patiently, looking at Hester with a smile. "Yes, you meet the requirements of our company completely, so we decided you to do this job."

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