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   Chapter 260 Confess

Again, My Love By Mo Xin Characters: 6501

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Hester was shocked at Terence's words, at a loss for what to say. She put her hands on his waist with a dull look. Feeling the warmth of him, she felt a little restless.

"What can I do with you?"

Terence sighed softly and tightened his arms. His sound was helpless and grieved.

He had always kept her to his heart carefully, and was most afraid of losing her. However, everything went against the law of nature. As a result, their relationship went further and further.

Hearing his words, Hester felt dizzy and touched. The sudden spoiled tone in his words was so abrupt that she was touched irresistibly.

She grabbed the corner of his clothes firmly, and her long and thick eyelashes covered her eyes, leaving a faint shadow at the corner of her eyes. The neat teeth were even more attractive in the dark red lip, with slight shyness.

"You have been bullying me. Why do you sound like I am wrong?"

Looking at the ceiling, Terence didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. If it weren't for the inconvenience of hands and feet, he really wanted to push her into his body.

Her soft and sweet voice always drove him restless. He just wanted to hold her in his arms and never let her go.

"Yes! It's all my fault! "

Hester's face turned red at the moment. She realized that she was being held in his arms, and quickly rose from him. She put her hands on her legs at a loss and moved back and forth restlessly.

He had just applied the medicine for his wound. How could their posture become like this. It must be his fault. She was obedient to him just because she was afraid that his wound would crack again. It must be like this!

Admiringly looking at her red face, Terence raised the corners of his mouth. His hands were quietly placed aside and he no longer reached out to hold her in his arms.

He blinked and hid his smile. She was too shy to ask for more!

"Okay! You are right. It's all my fault

with him for fear that she would lose control and do something.

"The doctor just telling you that you need a good rest now. Just take a snap. "

With a smile on his face, there was a mixture of excitement and evilness on Terence's usual cool face. He was such a fascinating man. A pair of dark, deep and quiet eyes seemed to have complicated emotions.

His warm fingertips gently touched the back of her hand, with a trace of numbness, spreading all over her body.

"Am I not sincere enough?"

He raised his eyebrows and smiled at Hester, who had an electric reaction. It seemed that nothing was unbreakable to tease a person as he was addicted to it?


Hester took back her hand and kneaded it softly behind. The place Terence had touched was very hot. Angrily looking at his casual look, she felt very awkward.

"Huh!" Then he stopped teasing her and smiled softly. He raised his hand and gently touched her head. The expression on his face gradually faded away.

"Hester, if you want to ask anything, please tell me. I will give you an answer. Don't hide it in your heart.

I don't know what on earth you want to express. It's very difficult. There is absolutely no problem between us. Do we have to go further and further just because of mutual suspicion? "

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